Galih Geraldi, PR INDONESIA ICON 2019-2020: Always Giving Benefits
07 February 2020
Galih Geraldi, PR INDONESIA ICON 2019-2020: Always Giving Benefits
As the biggest industrial complex in Indonesia, Pulogadung industrial area is vulnerable to crisis.
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BALI, PRINDONESIA.CO – “Then, I was a journalist facilitated by PR. Now, I have to serve the media,” Galih said, opening the conversation with PR INDONESIA ahead of the coronation of PR INDONESIA ICON 2019-2020 in Bali, late October 2019.

During his three years as a PR, many stories have been told. He admitted that it was difficult to adapt as a PR at first. “I was shocked. Especially entering into a completely new industry, management, and development of the industrial area,” he said.

As the biggest industrial complex in Indonesia, Pulogadung industrial area is vulnerable to crisis. There are also many stakeholders who must be given attention. Their backgrounds are also varied. “There are 500 industrial companies that are running their activities there. In addition, PT JIEP stands in two villages which relations we must also maintain,” he said. The experienced of being “extorted” by individuals from community organizations and the media has also become a public secret.

According to Galih, the key is to build a relationship based on genuine closeness. The effort was further supported by initiating various programs. One of them is through Societal Need Orientation, which is a CSR program that involves sub-district heads and village heads around the area to channel aid to the right target.

The man who was born in Jakarta 29 years ago said that challenges never make him afraid. In fact, it motivates Galih to contribute and bring JIEO to its goal as a developer and manager of an integrated and modern industrial area. Even though it is not easy.

The first step that he did was to determine the focus. The first focus at the time included improving the database of journalists, official website, company’s social media accounts. “I updated the appearance of the site and system. Specifically, those that are related to public information disclosure. In this way, we can assure the public that JIEP has been running out its business activities according to the GCG (good corporate governance),” said the man who is continuing his Postgraduate Corporate Communications study at Paramadina University.

The effort slowly but surely began to show results. In 2018, JIEP successfully won the first rank in terms of Public Information Openness in DKI Jakarta.

Mr. Topo

The late Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the Head of Data, Information, and Public Relations Center of the Indonesian National Board of Disaster Management was a figure that inspired him to enter the world of PR. “I was amazed to see the way he delivered information and engaged with the media,” said the man who like fried noodles and futsal in remembrance.

In addition to making Sutopo as an example, the man who adheres to the principle “Life must bring benefits to others” also continue to hone his abilities. Especially, in terms of persuasive communication, writing, and multimedia skills such as photos, videos, designs. “For PR, all competencies are mandatory,” said the father of one child. Besides of course continuing to sharpen soft skills such as open-mindedness, flexibility, integrity, and leadership. (ais)

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