Erfina Pasaribu, PR INDONESIA ICON 2018 - 2019: Working While Traveling
16 May 2019
Erfina Pasaribu, PR INDONESIA ICON 2018 - 2019: Working While Traveling
Working while traveling.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO - Erfina has visited a number of tourism destinations in Indonesia throughout her career as a public relations (PR) practitioner at the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar). Her visit to tourism destinations is not just for traveling, but for work.

Erfina shared her interesting experience when she visited Asahan River, North Sumatera. "At the time my team and I had the opportunity to try rafting there. It was exciting!" she recalled. According to her, the thing that triggered her adrenaline was because Asahan was a river that had a heavy current and even the difficulty level was ranked fifth on an international scale. Because the amenities in the area were still being developed, they stayed at the local people's house instead. However, the experience of living side by side with the local people actually made the trip even more memorable.

As a PR, Erfina wants to change the narrow perception of the public about the world of tourism that is only perceived as an attraction. In fact, tourism has a wider scope than just attraction. "It also includes accessibility aspects," she said. That understanding is what she is instilling so that when there's a new initiative in tourism development, the public knows how to respond. "The most important thing is not only satisfying the customers but also educating them," said Erfina.

It's true that Erfina really enjoys her role as a PR, including the challenges that she has to face. One of them is maintaining her performance from getting low. "PR practitioner is not only able to communicate, but also involved in solving problems," she said. Therefore, PR must always follow the development of information technology, practical and critical thinking, and pragmatic towards problems that occur in the field. (bil/rvh)

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