Five Mistakes that Often Found in the Government Public Relations
27 March 2019
Five Mistakes that Often Found in the Government Public Relations
The level of sensitivity will be sharper if public relations faces many problems.

TANGERANG, PRINDONESIA.CO – To quote Max Weber, "Bureaucracy should be a superhero figure, not a demon that threats." This statement is believed by the President's Special Staff for Communication, Adita Irawati. Government public relations must be able to make peace with the bureaucracy.

If in the government public relations body, where is the real source of "slowness"? From the limited survey that she conducted in order to gather the weaknesses of government public relations, both in the ministries, institutions, central and regional, the results as follows:

First, the process of making statements that are too long. In fact, during a crisis public relations cannot remain silent and wait for direction from the leader. "Waiting too long will cause problems to become bigger," she said in front of around 1,500 government public relations in the Information and Public Communication Action Synergy (SAIK) 2018 in Tangerang on Monday (3/12/2018).

The second mistake, at each level of ministry/institution, there are different layers of public relations. This condition slows down the coordination process. Third, regarding the competence of the public relations practitioners who have not yet participated. Especially in the era of 4.0 that demanded everything to be fast. As a result, less competent public relations is increasingly left behind. Fourth, leaders in the ministry/institution who interfered too much with operational technical issues. "Supposedly, the leader should provide strategic direction," she argued. The aim is to provide a space for public relations to better master the field conditions.

Fifth, there is no person appointed as a spokesperson. She often encountered this condition in the regional government public relations (Pemda), both provincial, district and city. "If we are not well coordinated, we can become an 'easy target' for the media and citizens," said the woman who previously served as the VP Corporate Communications of Telkomsel.



Answering Challenges

Adita also often receives complaints from public relations in the areas that have not yet received a strategic position in the government "In the regions, the function of public relations is only limited to administration and secretariat. This condition makes me nervous, " she said, and in reality the reputation of the institution is in the hands of public relations.

Concerned with this matter, Adita invited all government public relations practitioners in Indonesia to introspect to be more friendly with the bureaucracy. Introspection can be started from asking yourself. "How sensitive are we?"

According to her, the level of sensitivity will be sharper if we face many problems. However, it can still be sharepened by taking simple steps such as media and social media monitoring, being active in various discussions, getting along with the community, stakeholder engagement, establishing media relations, and increasing capacity.

To be sure, Adita continued, public relations must have an initiative. Don't be lazy to move just because you haven't received instructions from the leader. "The era of disruption demands speed. "The passive attitude of waiting for the leader’s instructions must be immediately eliminated," she concluded. (ais)


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