Welcoming the 2019 Election, What Should PR Do?
27 March 2019
 Welcoming the 2019 Election, What Should PR Do?
Strategy is needed so that brand communication does not sink in the year of politics

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO - This topic was discussed in the Perhumas Coffee Morning at the CIMB Niaga Financial Club, Jakarta (24/1/2019). The event titled "Public Relations, Media and Political Trends of 2019" revealed how difficult a communication message was to enter the public's mind. "Yes, every day we are exposed to around 10 thousand ads. But how many do we remember? ”Said Agung Laksamana, the Chairperson of the General Association of Public Relations. Plus the onslaught of technology makes the public receive 'excess information'.

According to Agung, it is a challenge for PR to keep the brand in mind, especially in the midst of this frenzied political year. Agung also gave tips for PR practitioners in communicating the brand this year.

1. Communication must be based on business outcomes.

PR is not only a matter of brand activation and media relations, but they must be able to align its program with business. The PR program must have an impact on the company's business.

2. Get to know the audience

We must know the audience in terms of demography, geography, and psychography. Yes, a public relations officer is not enough with only talking about reputation, but must be able to map segmentation, targeting, and positioning

3. Understand media messages

Paid, earned, shared, and owned media. PR is now a producer and publisher.

4. Keep It Short and Sweet (KISS)

Message delivery can be through interesting videos. Given the reduced attention time, what is prioritized is the message delivered through a short duration. Agung appealed not to add attributes that can be associated with politics. In addition, a PR is no longer 'think out of the box' but 'think like no box'. It means that creativity has no limits.


5. Humanize your brand

This can be done by interacting with the audience on social media so that they feel involved and cared for.

6. Become a storyteller

Tells something complex through parables so that it is simpler to be easily digested by the public.

7. Prioritize the employees

Sometimes PR underestimates internal communication because they are preoccupied with external matters. Communication with employees must be maintained so that the company's vision and mission reaches the lowest level.

8. Formula      

Right content + right people + right time + right channel + personalization

Agung said that he added personalization because someone would better appreciate messages specifically that is intended for them, not those that are mass content. (rvh)

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