Understanding the Seven Characters of Millennials
17 January 2020
Understanding the Seven Characters of Millennials
Erick Thohir, The Ministry of SOE, encouraged the millennials to keep learning, working hard, and innovating.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – William Utomo, the founder and COO of IDN shared the result of the research in front of the participants of the Indonesia Millennial Summit (IMS) in Jakarta on Friday (17/1/2020). According to William, so far there are only two characters of millennials that are known to the public, namely adventurer and socializer. “There five more millennials type that the public doesn’t know so far, namely the visionary, the artist, the leader, the conservative, and the collaborator,” said William.

Nielsen’s research result was then developed by the IDN Research Institute to describe more deeply about the seven characters. The adventurer character for example, just like the saying “the dog barks, but the caravan moves on”, the adventurer does not care about negative comments and stay focused on their goals. They are more open and dare to try new things. “They are typical of high entrepreneurial spirit. Everything became a business field, from jastip or buying service, to manufacturing,” added William. The pattern of their consumption is social image.

Meanwhile, the visionary is like the saying “falling crumb one must content with a crust”. They are persistent, charismatic, and inspiring. They prioritize in consuming content that is believed to be credible.

Another type is the artist, their character is like the saying “still water runs deep”. They do not talk much, tenacious, more relaxed, but also spontaneous. “In running their work, they tend to do it quickly. The pattern of their consumption is seeing the story behind the product,” William said.

How about the leader type? According to William, the leader type is like the saying “no pain, no gain”. They understand the purpose they are aiming for. They work diligently to achieve that goal. They are not easily tempted by impulsive temptation. They are also charismatic and detailed. “They prioritize the principle of origin, rank, and quality. They follow political news, but they don’t voice it,” he said.

The socializer is the type that is closely associated with the millennials. This type is like the saying “eating or not eating, the most important thing is togetherness”. They have a high level of mutual cooperation and kinship. They are understanding, sociable, and fun. Another strength of this type is that they are also tolerant and have high empathy.

Meanwhile, the conservative is like the saying “slowly but surely”. They are familial and reliable. They have many hobbies. The common thread is respecting friendship values.

The last is the collaborator. This type is like the saying “Tut wuri handayani“ which means for those in front should set an example. They are able to be an example and create a conducive environment. They speak softly, have many ideas, and tolerant.

The message

Then, what’s the next step? “For the government, we suggest identifying the root of the problem, promoting localization, and being the bridge of the digital gap, and strengthen social involvement,” he said.

Meanwhile, for the private sector, the keywords that are most valued by millennials in the workplace are meaningful work, autonomy, recognition, feedback, opportunities to improve themselves and support their future. "It might be easy to attract them to work in our company, but managing and retaining talent is difficult," William said.

To the millennial, Erick Thohir, the Ministry of SOE, who opened the event that morning advised not to lose the momentum of Indonesia’s demographic bonus in 2030 to 2045. Therefore, he encouraged to the younger generation to keep learning, working hard, and innovating. “Don’t only busy with your own thing, for example, the adventurer whose daily life is just busy adventuring, or doing unimportant things that don’t give positive impact to others and bring change to many people,” he said (rtn

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