Building Genuine Friendship with the Media
15 January 2020
Building Genuine Friendship with the Media
Always ready whenever needed.
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By Emmy Kuswandari, PR Practitioner, Global Communications APP of Sinar Mas

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – They are always ready whenever we need them, and vice versa, I am ready whenever they need me, including at the time when they are grieving. Just like at the time when I received sad news about a photojournalist who died while on duty covering a flood in East Jakarta. It was sad. A sense of responsibility in assignments makes us sometimes neglect our own health, and probably that was what happened. Even though we do not know when our “contract” ends in this world.

At the funeral home, there were already many colleagues have arrived with a sad face. They did not heed to the heat of the sun, they worked hand in hand to relieve the burden on the family so that the funeral procession went smoothly. They also took turns shoulder to shoulder to carry the coffin to the grave. My tears ran freely. Yes, I am sensitive about such matters. On the other hand, I salute them about their high solidarity.

There was one time, almost at midnight, I who did not know the way other than from my house to the office had to slowly comb the streets around Bekasi. When I arrived, there were many colleagues who had come to the funeral home first. They are the friends of a journalist who passed away after previously having been absorbed in playing futsal with his colleagues.  This sad news alone was very moving. I could not bear my tears when I saw his two-year-old son clinging affectionately on his father’s body. Maybe he thought that his father was just sleeping as usual.

There was also a fellow journalist whose child died before the age of 17. He only companied of dizziness, then taken to the hospital immediately by his parents. A few days later, it was sad news that we received. We call left and right to confirm this sad news. In a position like this, I was not sure if I can be as strong as my best friend. They were so strong and sincere in accepting this trial.

We also once intended to visit a reporter who was sick. We were held in front of the hospital room door for a long time because the doctor was taking action. When the doctor was out of the room, the doctor called the reporter’s family to deliver the sad news. We can only be stunned. How we do not know the amount of time God gave.

For this reason, whatever the time, if it is possible, I always try to come to the funeral., even if it’s only to offer a condolence to strengthen the family or to give prayers to the deceased.

I always try to build friendship not out of necessity, genuine friendship is not merely come from work. As a PR practitioner, it seems that this is what we must do to remove the stigma of making friends with journalists only when necessary. Genuine friendships will transcend the boundaries that we create ourselves. I believe, friendship like this will enrich our personality.

I will always try to be there for friends who feel like my own family, whatever the time.

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