Must Have Competencies for Impactful Communication Guidelines
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Must Have Competencies for Impactful Communication Guidelines
The first condition for effective internal/external communication is leadership.
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By Maria Wongsonagoro, PR Consultant, President Director of IPM Public Relations

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – The first condition for effective internal/external communication is leadership. Companies/agencies need leaders and directors who understand the importance of public relations as a strategic management function, understand that communication is the essence of public relations (PR). A leader must support the system and procedure of strategic communication. If this condition is not met, then effective communication is difficult to achieve.

The second condition is the governance structure. Communication governance, systems, and procedures in the form of Communication Guidelines, both for external and internal stakeholders. The third condition is competence. Companies/agencies need a competent communication team to run the communication system and procedure. I want to discuss the third condition more deeply.

Several PR figures provide input about what competencies to look for if you want to recruit novice staff. Boy Kelana Soebroto, Head of Corporate Communications of Astra International said, recruiting novice staffs who have characters that are in accordance with Astra Leadership Competencies. Additionally, the minimum competency is to understand the knowledge and skills of corporate communication, as well as the interest in the field of communication.

Arif Mujahidin, the Director of Communication of Danone Indonesia said, if he is looking for beginners for his team, the requirement is that they must be able to write, good in verbal communication, and fast to learn. In addition, they must be resilient because those who work in corporate communications need to work hard. If the candidate has had internships in several companies or PR consultants, this will be a plus.

Ani Natalia, Head of the Directorate General of Tax’s Public Relations Sub Directorate, recruits candidates who are able to communicate verbally and nonverbally well, master the concept of stakeholder mapping, mastering digital communication, and have writing/photography/graphic design/video/public speaking skills.

Dyah Rachmawati, Head of the Public Relations Division of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), said that the basic competencies sought are writing, foreign language (English), then graphic design skill, and ability to manage social media. The rest, various competencies are trained while running their tasks.

Character and Attitude

If the inputs above are summarized, it can be seen that mastery of knowledge and skill or basic competencies of PR and communication are necessary. But, what is more, important are character and attitude. They must have good interpersonal skills because they must be able to interact with other people, able to work in a team and resilient. In addition, analytical skill, strategic thinking, and strong reasoning. Above all, passion has to be there.

Besides attitude, the basic competencies needed are verbal and nonverbal communication. PR will often speak in public. The ability of public speaking is a plus in recruitment. Furthermore, the skill of written communication or writing. PR is expected to be able to write at any time for various needs, not to mention bilingual skills, Indonesian and English are very necessary.

An additional competency that is also sought nowadays is the ability to master digital communication. These competencies include understanding social media management, as well as capabilities in the fields of photography, graphic design, video production.

If all of the above capabilities are mastered, then the PR candidate has a great opportunity to be recruited, because they are battle-ready. If you have not mastered all abilities, then join the public relations training program.

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