Learn PR from Blackpink
PRINDONESIA.CO | Monday, December 07, 2020
Learn PR from Blackpink
The four members of Blackpink have distinctive characteristics that deserve to be an example for anyone, including PR practitioners.
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By: Aldilla Evriyana, APPRIentice  

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –  Being a reliable PR is not easy, it needs a lot of study, practice, and time. There is nothing wrong with taking an example from the Blackpink members. 

Brave like Jisoo 

For Blink, the name for Blackpink fans, Jisoo is known as a brave woman. Just like PR practitioners, they must also have a courageous mentality. Because this profession requires its people to be faced with new things. Regarding new things, Jisoo, who dreams of becoming a novelist, has good habits. She loves reading books. She was often caught on camera carrying books. By reading, we broaden our horizons to learn and absorb something new.  

Strategic Thinking like Jennie 

Jennie of Blackpink is the first member of Blackpink to release a single titled Solo. She is known to have a strategic way of thinking. Jennie is also often referred to as YG Entertainment's golden child because she has a strong, multitalented, and hardworking charm. Everything she has is the main asset to become a reliable PR.  

Relevant like Rose 

"Terima kasih! Mantul!" That was Rose's shout when closing the concert in Indonesia. Her words were greeted by hysterical screams by the Blinks. Rose not only has a beautiful voice, but is also able to communicate well with the audience. She learned to use several greeting languages from various countries. Just like she did at the concert in Indonesia. Greetings from the audiences in local languages make her relevant to the audience. Rose's habit can be an example of PR. Namely, PR must have the ability to communicate relevantly to everyone.  

Different like Lisa 

Lisa, who is the youngest member of Blackpink, is known to have two unique personalities. When on stage, Lisa looks energetic and sexy. Conversely, she will return to being a funny and silly person offstage. Her uniqueness forms a characteristic and makes it easy to remember her. Lisa really understands the importance of building personal branding. 

Practice a lot and do these tips full of meaning and enthusiasm like the energetic Blackpink. Haenguneul bimnida (good luck)! 

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