Juli Jajuli - PT DAHANA (Persero) Public Relations Manager: Outgoing
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –Juli Jajuli, or Kang Juli, is actually a person who is good at breaking the ice. We caught this impression when we interviewed him via telephone on Wednesday (20/5/2020). He understood when we said that. The man who has another nickname, JJS, which stands for Juli Jajuli Sejuli-julinya even need several years to get rid of that impression. His efforts got even more difficult when the issue of terrorism surfaced. DAHANA would definitely be in the news. He was not afraid. According to him, where there are challenges, there are opportunities. "This condition actually became a momentum for us to explain about the safety of the explosives we produce," said the man who was born in Pandeglang, Banten. The efforts that he made were fruitful. Slowly but surely, the public's perception of DAHANA has shifted to a company known as a producer of safe and environmentally friendly explosives. This reputation building step is in line with the company's vision and mission. "The DAHANA building was also built with a green and environmentally friendly concept," said Juli. "We are also actively doing CSR. This activity also aims to build public understanding about DAHANA," he added. Meanwhile, to consumers, they are aggressively building a perception as a technology company. According to the man who graduated as a Bachelor of Communication at Mercu Buana University, this is in line with DAHANA's core business as a producer of explosives for general mining, the quarry sector, and construction. Egalitarian Outgoing is another character that sticks to Juli's persona. For him, an outgoing attitude is one of the provisions of public relations in communicating both with internal and external parties. "Communicate in an egalitarian way to enter all circles," he said. According to Juli, the ability to carry yourself well can make it easier for public relations to get access to anywhere. Including, to the main director or when dealing with reporters. In order to get richer insights, PR must expand relationships and be good at interacting with practitioners from across professions. Meanwhile, to improve his skills and find out about the latest dynamics on public relations, he actively joins public relations forums such as FH BUMN and PERHUMAS. Juli also joined other forums outside the field of public relations, namely the blogger community.  Juli is not only known as a fan of writing but also has an interest in the world of public speaking. The owner of the blog account channels his public speaking skills through a YouTube channel with the same name, Seruput Kopi Panas. On his channel, he often shares motivational videos. In the future, he hopes Seruput Kopi Panas can develop into a training institution in the communication, social, economic, and religious fields. Currently, Seruput Kopi Panas is in the preparation stage to become a book. "In the future, this institution is expected to be able to provide more benefits to many people," said Juli who has the principle of being a creative dreamer. (rvh)
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Rieka Handayani, Head of PR and Brand Activation of Mekari: Big Because of Data
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Believe it or not, the figure who is known as data specialist public relations (PR) makes Rieka often sought by head hunters. Her introduction to data began when she saw a job opening through Twitter, the social media she loved, and was popular among the young generation at that time. Yose Rizal, the founder who is currently a member of Telkomsel's Commissioner, was building a social media listening tool-based agency company called MediaWave. Rieka was interested although the woman who likes traveling and photography is a graduate of Chemical Engineering of ITENAS, Bandung. She didn’t give up and caught up with learning various digital data sciences through YouTube and Webinar classes, and the rest was self-taught. Because at that time digital data was still classified as a new science. After accumulating a lot of knowledge and experience in MediaWave, the woman who was met by PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Wednesday (5/2/2020), got an offer from the head hunter to become Asia Pacific's Social Account Manager at Leo Burnett Group Indonesia, an advertising agency headquartered in Chicago, United States. She learned new knowledge. At that time, Rieka was trusted to manage clients from various industrial and multinational backgrounds. Ranging from fast food companies to technology. After that, she decided to return to her hometown, Bandung, because she wanted to focus on raising her child. New challenges Just three months after becoming a mother, Rieka was asked by MediaWave to join again. She accepted the offer with a reason that the distance between the office and her home was close and the working hours were flexible. Moreover, at that time the company that was founded in 2010 received proposals from Freeport Indonesia, which at that time began to open up to cyberspace. She and the team were challenged to be able to counter issues based on data. From there she also learned how to manage crises. Rieka was again contacted by the head hunter. This time the offer came from The joint venture company between Telkom Indonesia and eBay was looking for the right person to fill the position of head of PR who both understand PR and digital. "There I got a lot of knowledge and guidance from Mr. Aulia (Aulia E. Marinto, CEO of at the time) about corporate PR," said the woman who adheres to the principle of never giving up. She also worked for a year at Trans Social Media, until finally in October 2019 she joined Mekari, a startup that focused on developing software-as-a-service (SAAS), as Head of PR and Brand Activation. She was challenged because this position required her to explore a new formula between corporate PR and PR marketing in companies with B2B business models that target niche markets. "We must be able to convey what the company has done to the audience. On the other hand, we must also create programs that have a business impact," she said. Rieka is now at a point where she is no longer pursuing a career. But she wants to leave a legacy for the team and the company. To the PR generation, the woman who loves mountain climbing advised to always formulate a strategy based on data and in the order of thought patterns. If that has been done, do not be afraid to execute the program. What is important is the program measurement and evaluation afterward. "Always take measurement so we find the pattern, why does it work, why does it fail," she said. She also appealed that public relations to always be open with other disciplines, sharpen the ability to analyze, increase the level of adaptability, and up-to-date with technology. (rvh/rtn)
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Dian Amintapratiwi P, LMAN: Communication, Dance, and Diplomacy
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – She is still relatively young, but Mitha has been trusted as the Team Leader Strategy of the State Asset Management Agency (LMAN). A public service agency under the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) which is in charge of managing state assets as well as funding land acquisition for infrastructure. She joined the Business Development, Communication Strategy, and Partnership Relations Division in 2018. For Mitha, the mandate she is holding is extraordinarily challenging. Because, LMAN is considered as a new agency, it was only established in 2015. While the public relations (PR) position was born three years later. It's not easy to build a communication division from scratch. Even so, she still carried out her duties with professionalism and integrity.  "It takes extraordinary effort to introduce the LMAN brand to the public," said the woman who had just completed her Masters in Communication Management at the University of Indonesia. Fortunately, the Ministry of Finance's label attached to LMAN was enough to help Mitha and four of her team members to encourage this agency to become more popular. LMAN PR performs two main functions. The first is building public awareness and making people aware of the optimization of state assets. The second is building internal awareness of the institution about the importance of the existence of PR itself. According to the woman who had worked as Corporate Relations at BRI and Garuda Indonesia, the two tasks were not exactly easy. "The management of state assets is important and crucial for the country's economy. If in developed countries, the assets owned can work or generate by themselves. It’s different in Indonesia, a great effort is needed to keep our assets from being idle," said the winner of Insan PR INDONESIA 2019 - 2020. Because of that challenge, the competencies needed to become LMAN PR is exceptional. They must have sensitivity in analyzing the situation while providing a solution. While being adaptive to technological development becomes a mandatory competence in the digital era as it is today. "But technological literacy does not mean eliminating the humanism side. Because technology is only a tool. It is humans who receive the message," she said, clarifying. Dancing In the midst of her activities as a PR practitioner, Mitha was never absent to practice and take part in the performance of Javanese classical dance in Yogyakarta style. She has been involved in this dance since she was eight years old. In fact, she had just performed as the Art Ambassador in England. She got his love for Javanese art from her mother. Because of her love for the dance, she aspires to make an international art performance in which she plays a role as a PR that promotes Indonesian culture. "I’ll be the PR as well as the dancer," Mitha said with a laugh. That's when, said the mother of one child, the function of PR, diplomat, and her hobbies go hand in hand. (ais)
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Rizky Dinihari, Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa: The Art of Relations
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – A sociable person, this was the first impression when meeting Rizky Dinihari, Senior Corporate Communications of PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk, although he claimed to be an awkward person. Gradually his character changed. Especially when he was motivated to become a person who is able to give happiness to the people around him, especially in the internal circles of the company. "Anyway, if there is Mr. Rizky, everything will be lively, ha-ha-ha!" he said when contacted by PR INDONESIA on Monday (11/5/2020). Now, interacting and communicating is no longer an obstacle. The man who was born in Pekanbaru is also very good at building relationships with stakeholders, ranging from the government, communities, investors, including the media. According to Rizky, the media is one of the most important stakeholders in public relations, especially maintaining relationships with media in the company's operational environment. The graduate of the Advertising Department of the University of Indonesia remembered when one of the factories was hit by a crisis. At that time, there was a debate between the media crew who wanted to cover the burning factory with the security forces. "At that time, I thought about how important it was to maintain relations, especially with local media," he said. In the end, the tense situation was successfully reduced. Since then, Rizky began to diligently visit several media around the factory operational areas such as Bogor, Cirebon, and South Kalimantan. Now, it is not uncommon for meetings to occur outside the office even for just a coffee or share a light story. Good relations are still maintained until today, although in some operational areas, representatives have been appointed to manage media handling. From the good friendship, during his 13 years career at ITP, he admitted that he got a lot of information precisely from the media. He gave the example, "There are government regulations relating to government relations. I received the information beforehand from them. " The man who also serves as Chief Editor for Indocement's internal media also advised that PR must be fast, responsive, and not panic when dealing with crises. "We must respond first, although we have not been able to convey the incident in detail," he said. Then, do stakeholder mapping and appoint a spokesperson.  Spend Time with His Children On weekends, Rizky admitted that he often accompanied his children to play games through gadgets. As a parent living in the digital age, it is difficult for him to restrict his children from playing gadgets. "It is inevitable, but it is better to accompany them," he said. The most important thing, they still adhere to schedules such as eating, bathing, and studying. Rizky said that although his two children enjoyed playing games, the condition did not interfere with concentration and affect their academic grades at school. After the pandemic was over, Rizky planned to bring his two children to fish. But for now, his longing for fishing is cured through gardening. "Because there was an appeal to stay at home, I tried planting with the hydroponic method in the yard," he concluded. (rvh)  
FIGURE || 29 May 2020
Hermansyah Yuliandri Nasroen, Pertamina EP: Integrity
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Initially, Hermansyah, who graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the Parahyangan University in Bandung, wanted to become a diplomat. Fate says otherwise. His participation in the Bachelor Profession Guidance program organized by PT Pertamina (Persero) in 2001 led him to the world of public relations. After diving in it, h claimed to be lucky. “Not everyone has the opportunity to go anywhere, from upstream to downstream, if not public relations,” said Hermansyah.  He said to PR INDONESIA that met him in Jakarta on Monday (24/02/2020) that his adventure as a public relations officer started in the Kalimantan Upstream Operations Area Sangatta Field. Five years later, he joined the Kerosene to LPG Conversion Team, he was assigned as a Corporate Secretary in Pertamina headquarter to handle internal communication as well as company activities. He returned to the regional office, precisely Operation Region 7 in Makassar, then Processing Unit 3 in Plaju, Palembang, until today, as PR Manager of Pertamina EP. Compliant His career as a public relation officer in various regions with all its dynamics shaped Herman to be a person who always prioritizes good relations. “The company’s business process requires us to have a good relationship with stakeholders,” said the man who likes running and golf.   According to him, it’s not an easy task to build and maintain a relationship. Especially giving understanding to the community in the regions regarding the process of oil and gas production from upstream to downstream of Pertamina EP which is closely related to maintaining national energy security. “The key is always to prioritize sincerity when interacting with someone or a group of people, without any suspicion. First, clear the assumption and perception toward the person. Later, there will be a time when we find wow moments,” he said. The first thing he did when he first faced the community in a new area was to approach the senior public relations. The purpose is to explore information about the characteristics of the surrounding community. Then, approach the smallest regional/government apparatus such as the village head or sub-district head. “Learn the culture, customs, and habits of the local people first. Those aspects must be first respected,” he explained. Even with journalists, he always builds personal closeness. His work experience in rural areas forced him to not be able to spend time with his wife and two children. The man who is still obsessed to continue his master’s degree tries to be compliant. “I couldn’t go back to Jakarta often when I was still working in Sangatta Field, Kalimantan. Once I went home, my child was confused, "Who is this?" Ha-ha! " he recalled. "I just live it because it is a commitment. There must be a time for us to reunite with family, "he said. He advised others to be a public relations officer with integrity. What does it mean? Herman gave an example, “Public Relations absolutely must have high adaptability. How? Yes, you have to be smart,” he concluded. (ais/rtn)
FIGURE || 08 May 2020
Yado Yarismano, VP of Corporate Communication of Angkasa Pura (AP) II – Learning from the Mentors
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Yado Yarismano, VP of Corporate Communication of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), is one of the many public relations (PR) practitioners who do not have a background in Communication Studies. He is a graduate of Informatics Engineering from the Indonesian Institute of Technology, he then continued his Masters in Management at the University of Indonesia. He joined AP II shortly after graduating from his bachelor's degree in 2003. At that time, the father of three children was appointed in a position according to his degree, IT. In 2015, he was recruited to join the marketing team. Six months ago, he was appointed in the public relations team. October 2017 became the peak of the PR transformation in the company that is building a corporate image as Leading Indonesia’s Airport Company.  After leading AP II for a year, Muhammad Awaluddin, Managing Director of AP II, saw it was time for PR to get a strategic position. Moreover, the state-owned company is intensively doing a lot of breakthroughs and innovations. Muhammad believes the dream that has been designed would be difficult to achieve without a good communication strategy. The existence of PR has been upgraded to Corporate Communication. Yado, who has initially a Public Relations Manager received the mandate as VP of Corporate Communication. He received the challenge although it is not an easy task. “Challenge accepted! I will do it,” said the man who was met by PR INDONESIA in Tangerang, on Tuesday (4/2/2020). Yado’s main focus at the time was not about the external matters, but improvement in the internal of the company. He made sure that his team had a communication SOP during a crisis and a decree on a spokesperson. Then, he started to improve brand guidelines. According to Yado, the first two things are important because of the background of his industry that is vulnerable to crisis, even with the existence of a decree. This is because AP II manages many airports in various regions. There needs to be a spokesperson, they are the branch leaders. In order to carry out their duties and functions as a spokesperson, branch leaders are equipped with training and briefing on public speaking. The organizational structure did not escape Yado’s attention. The corporate communication which was initially consisted of three functions, changed into two functions, namely PR and Investor Relations, and Corporate Office Support. Balanced The man who adheres to the principle “Do your best, let God do the rest” admitted that the achievements pf Corporate Communication of AP II so far is due to the role of his mentors. Especially Muhammad Awaluddin, Managing Director of AP II, and Budi Karya Sumadi, the Minister of Transportation. “From them, we learned about public speaking ­­- especially when communicating with the public, handling a crisis, to building and managing networks,” Yado said. Even though he has busy schedules, Yado always emphasized the importance of maintaining work-life balance. “Don’t work too hard all the time, or your mental and physical state will drop,” said Yado who also likes cycling. In addition, he also often encourages his team members to break down barriers that hamper communication smoothness. “We are working in a unit called communication. Don’t let the communication within the team itself not be smooth,” he said. Good communication is believed to create a solid team. Because trust has been built among the team members. “When trust is built, our performance will increase significantly,” said Yado who has the mission to encourage Corporate Communication of AP II to be more advanced and known among the public relations in Indonesia. (rvh/rtn)
FIGURE || 03 April 2020
Galih Geraldi, PR INDONESIA ICON 2019-2020: Always Giving Benefits
BALI, PRINDONESIA.CO – “Then, I was a journalist facilitated by PR. Now, I have to serve the media,” Galih said, opening the conversation with PR INDONESIA ahead of the coronation of PR INDONESIA ICON 2019-2020 in Bali, late October 2019. During his three years as a PR, many stories have been told. He admitted that it was difficult to adapt as a PR at first. “I was shocked. Especially entering into a completely new industry, management, and development of the industrial area,” he said. As the biggest industrial complex in Indonesia, Pulogadung industrial area is vulnerable to crisis. There are also many stakeholders who must be given attention. Their backgrounds are also varied. “There are 500 industrial companies that are running their activities there. In addition, PT JIEP stands in two villages which relations we must also maintain,” he said. The experienced of being “extorted” by individuals from community organizations and the media has also become a public secret. According to Galih, the key is to build a relationship based on genuine closeness. The effort was further supported by initiating various programs. One of them is through Societal Need Orientation, which is a CSR program that involves sub-district heads and village heads around the area to channel aid to the right target. The man who was born in Jakarta 29 years ago said that challenges never make him afraid. In fact, it motivates Galih to contribute and bring JIEO to its goal as a developer and manager of an integrated and modern industrial area. Even though it is not easy. The first step that he did was to determine the focus. The first focus at the time included improving the database of journalists, official website, company’s social media accounts. “I updated the appearance of the site and system. Specifically, those that are related to public information disclosure. In this way, we can assure the public that JIEP has been running out its business activities according to the GCG (good corporate governance),” said the man who is continuing his Postgraduate Corporate Communications study at Paramadina University. The effort slowly but surely began to show results. In 2018, JIEP successfully won the first rank in terms of Public Information Openness in DKI Jakarta. Mr. Topo The late Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the Head of Data, Information, and Public Relations Center of the Indonesian National Board of Disaster Management was a figure that inspired him to enter the world of PR. “I was amazed to see the way he delivered information and engaged with the media,” said the man who like fried noodles and futsal in remembrance. In addition to making Sutopo as an example, the man who adheres to the principle “Life must bring benefits to others” also continue to hone his abilities. Especially, in terms of persuasive communication, writing, and multimedia skills such as photos, videos, designs. “For PR, all competencies are mandatory,” said the father of one child. Besides of course continuing to sharpen soft skills such as open-mindedness, flexibility, integrity, and leadership. (ais)
FIGURE || 07 February 2020
Yohanes, AirNav Indonesia: Communication Solves Problem
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Looking at his skill in processing messages, who would have thought that the man of Batak descent actually came from a background of Theology. Met at his office in Tangerang on Thursday (18/4/2019), Yohanes shared his journey to when he was appointed as AirNav Indonesia Public Relations Manager. He said, since his career in journalistic, he often asked to help with communication strategy from several parties. This was his first step into the world of PR. He admitted gaining a variety of skills when he became a PR, such as adept at composing messages intended for journalists. “Because I was a journalist, I know what releases the media need,” he said. Additionally, the relations that he obtained when he was a journalist are still maintained even though now he has a different profession. The father of three children feels that the skill of maintaining relations that helps him in coordinating to solve a problem. According to the man who loves reading and playing music, the issue of aviation is an issue that gains many people’s attention. When a crisis occurs, he must be able to embrace all related stakeholders to make a statement together. For him, bad news is not always good news. “It could be good news is good news. We must always give positive information to the public,” he said. It is so that the public is not trapped in an issue, but knows the solution to the issue. Yohanes considers that Indonesia should be proud to have AirNav as a navigation company that provides service at hundreds of airports. “Our task now is to convince the public that AirNav Indonesia has sophisticated equipment and able to serve the aviation industry,” he added. Therefore, AirNav must be known more by the public even though it is not a business to business (B2B) company. (rvh)  
FIGURE || 28 June 2019
Nia Sarinastiti, Accenture: Deepen Insight
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Her myriad of experiences make the graduate of the International Relations Department of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) become a mainstay in terms of communication in the company that was previously named Anderson Consulting. This year is the sixth year of Nia’s career in the company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Interestingly, this is the second time Nia has Joined Accenture Indonesia. Long before that, precisely from 1997 to 2003, the woman who completed her master’s degree in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication of University of Colorado had worked at Accenture. Nia was again invited by Accenture Indonesia on July 15, 2013, as Marketing and Communication Director. When she returned, she felt a drastic change. Almost 55 percent of employees are millennials. The internal employee approach can no longer use old school methods. “In the past, we didn’t have social media because we thought it was a B2B company. But apparently we need to look for candidates or new employees,” she told PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Thursday (18/4/2019). Referring to global companies, Accenture Indonesia’s PR is considered to have developed quite rapidly following the dynamics of the time. As a consultant, Accenture must always one step ahead compared to other companies. Especially in initiating creative ideas and creating PR programs that are innovative and out of the box. “If we meet clients, then we must think like a leader,” she said. Another challenge, most of the PR materials received from the parent company use English, so it’s Nia’s duty and her team to translate it into Indonesia which is simple and easy to understand by the stakeholders. Her role becomes even more vital when the board of directors views PR as a tandem from the management. “In every country council meeting, PR always presents. This shows that we are a part of the meeting of leaders,” said the graduate of Ph.D. in Communication Studies of the University of Indonesia. The contributions expected from PR by the management are being proactive, providing relevant input and initiative. It means, PR does not only do what is asked by the leader but also able to give the best for the company. “This is an award, meaning that the leader recognizes that PR is important,” she said. Helicopter View To the younger generation of PR practitioners, she advised continuing to deepen insight. It’s not only about the company, but also about its competitors and industry extensively. Another important thing is reading a lot of industry analysis where the company engages and writes the latest issues that are worthy of publication. “Don’t only see about yourself, but you must see from the helicopter view,” she concluded. The woman who is interested in the environment and development industry has a big dream to give a valuable contribution to the development of Indonesia. She actualized one of them through her role in the Accenture Development Partnership, which provides consultation for the government. (ais)
FIGURE || 21 June 2019