Putiarsa, Elnusa Petrofin: Pursuing the Dream of Teaching
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Oil and gas are one of the industrial sectors that are prone to issues. Especially if the operational area covers all of Indonesia and its business output is in direct contact with the vital needs of the community, such as PT Elnusa Petrofin. "Negative publications or potential conflicts with even the smallest stakeholders must be handled quickly and precisely," said Putiarsa Bagus Wibowo, the Head of Corporate Communications of Elnusa Petrofin to PR INDONESIA on Friday (6/26/2020).  For example, when PT Elnusa Petrofin which also the subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) was faced with rejection from stakeholders in one of its operational areas. According to Arsa, as Putiarsa is usually called, the first step that must be taken is mapping the root of the problem and all of its elements.  Moreover, building solid relationships and communication in the internal of the company, from the board of directors to the management level. This is not easy, because the operational scope of the company operating in the logistics service sector and the distribution of fuel is wide, the number of workers is large and spread across almost all of Indonesia. Including, building harmonious relationships with media partners and other stakeholders. "So, it is necessary to formulate a strategy in such a way so that we can communicate on target," he said.  Arsa said, facing a crisis needs calm. "Get to know the problem deeply, then collaborate with the team," said the man who holds to the principle "always do your best". Public relations (PR) must also make an action plan as soon as possible and actively communicate it to the board of directors.  Meanwhile, in order for external communication to run smoothly, according to Arsa, there needs to be mutual support between PR and the directors. He is grateful that Corporate Communication is one of the strategic functions at Elnusa Petrofin. Its existence is always involved in every move and step of the company. "We were entrusted with providing advice and input to the directors regarding the management of the company's reputation," he said.  The team is also given space to discuss with the board of directors. This is important so that they can explore the direction and key messages that the board of directors wants to convey. "Of course, it takes enormous effort and seriousness to build this function into a big and trustworthy one," he said while remembering the early days of building the Corcomm division.   Communication Bridges  Arsa has had an interest in PR since he was in school. At that time, he was active in organizations. In fact, he and his friends formed a journalism study group outside of school. "The routine of writing and discussing to find solutions fosters the belief that by pursuing my profession as a corporate communication, I can channel my talents as well as contribute to the nation," said the man who chose to make his life more balanced by exploring new places or foods, reading books and watching movies.   His career as a PR began in 2008 as a Corporate Communication Officer at a tobacco company in East Java. Furthermore, he was involved in the palm oil, automotive, and oil and gas agribusiness industries. He works as a PR up to this day. The dream that he hasn't been achieved is to become a lecturer. Share knowledge and experiences for the next generation of communication in the country. (ais/rvh) 
FIGURE || 20 August 2020
Firman, State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia: Thirst for Knowledge
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – After completing his undergraduate degree in the Department of Mass Media of Jenderal Soedirman University, Firman, as Akhmad Firmannamal is usually called, built has a career in a sports company. That's when he felt compelled to take up the field of public relations (PR). The reason is, it is more challenging in terms of duties and roles. The PR profession also allows a wider audience to network and collaborate.  Armed with the knowledge in the field of communication and experience working in the world of PR, in 2008, the man who was born in Jakarta applied as a state civil apparatus at the Ministry of State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia. At that time, he served as an institutional relations policy analyst. Firman was demanded to be swift and flexible in building communication between the presidential institution and state institutions such as the People's Consultative Assembly, House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Supreme Audit Agency, and Bank Indonesia.  Unsatisfied with his experience, he deepened his knowledge by applying for the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) from the Australian Government. In just 1.5 years, Firman achieved his Master of Communication degree from The University of Queensland (UQ) Brisbane, Australia. During this period, the man who has the principle of "Never gets tired of studying" has gained many new insights both academically and non-academically. Including, networking globally.   Upon his return to Indonesia in 2013, Firman received the mandate as Head of the Public Relations Sub Division of the State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia. His insight and knowledge were increasing again. Along with the development of information technology, they are faced with the many changes and demands of the times. He regularly participates in short training organized by the Ministry of State's Internal Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat), one of which is web design training for three months in India and risk management training in Australia.  He is keen to continue updating his knowledge. Firman then decided to continue his doctoral study. In 2017, he left for Australia to obtain a Ph.D. in Communication and Media Studies University and Technology (QUT), Australia.   Wife's Support  Firman admitted that his career and educational success could not be separated from the support of his beloved wife, Sheila Basalamah. Sheila who is also active in the world of communication really understands the risks and responsibilities of Firman as a PR officer. In fact, now his wife is following in his footsteps to continue his studies to earn a Master of Communication, UQ.    To his colleagues, the President of the Indonesian Student Association (PPIA) of QUT 2017-2018 advised to always challenge yourself and explore your abilities. "The most important thing is to keep learning to develop in order to answer the challenges of a more complex future," said Firman.  Firman hopes that one day he can write a book on communication science and his experiences as a PR practitioner. He also wishes to write a light book about his experiences in getting a scholarship and studying while abroad. "Hopefully this book can be a useful legacy for many people, especially the future generations and PR practitioners," he concluded. (rvh)     
FIGURE || 13 August 2020
Dwi Rini Endra Sari, The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency: Dare to Be
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – The statement above is the principles of Dwi Rini Endra Sari, Head of the Sub Division of Press and Media Relations at the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG). She had felt the benefits for herself. Ririn, as she is usually called, is a different person than when she first joined in early 2008 as a public relations officer. “The old Ririn was innocent. A newly graduated student who has no work experience,” she said when interviewed by PR INDONESIA by telephone in Jakarta on Thursday (6/4/2020).  Ririn’s senior at that time both guided and trained her. Now, the woman who has 12 years of experience in managing information related to natural phenomena of weather, climate, tectonic earthquakes, and tsunamis has successfully built her image as a PR officer who dares to take a stand, supported by a distinctive character.  According to the woman who was born in Jakarta in 1986, the efforts to become a better person so that she can contribute more to the organization will be more complete if she has the PR profession competency test. She hopes that in the future there will be more public relations institutions participating in the competency test.  Corporate PR  In the midst of the increasing demands on the role of PR, she often advised her team to have qualified competences like corporate PR practitioners. First, as the front guard in delivering information about disasters to the wider community, English competency is an obligation for BMKG public relations. Moreover, BMKG is under the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which is often involved in international meetings.  Second, writing skills. Starting from the speed of writing a release, the structure of the language, to the accuracy of the content. Third, being able to speak in public. Fourth, have many experiences because natural disasters can occur anytime and anywhere without us ever expecting them. Moreover, people are increasingly critical and thirsty for information, especially when a disaster occurs.  Ririn summarized the formula that her agency has in dealing with a crisis. First, you must not avoid and you must dare to appear in front of the media. Second, proactive, not only in conveying information but you must ensure the message is well received by the audience. Third, easy to reach without hitting bureaucratic walls.  PR is a profession that has never crossed in her dream dictionary. Initially, the bachelor of Communication of the Muhammadiyah Jakarta University (UMJ) had an aspiration to become a journalist. The reason was that she likes writing and meeting new people.  Because of her love for the world of journalism, Ririn actively participated in the student press organization Balairung Post for two years while still studying Communication Science at Gadjah Mada University (UGM).  Ririn often hones her skills by actively writing in blogs. She is also active in sending her work to various mass media. Until now, Ririn still has many dreams. One of them is pursuing a master's degree. (ais) 
FIGURE || 17 July 2020
Juli Jajuli - PT DAHANA (Persero) Public Relations Manager: Outgoing
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –Juli Jajuli, or Kang Juli, is actually a person who is good at breaking the ice. We caught this impression when we interviewed him via telephone on Wednesday (20/5/2020). He understood when we said that. The man who has another nickname, JJS, which stands for Juli Jajuli Sejuli-julinya even need several years to get rid of that impression. His efforts got even more difficult when the issue of terrorism surfaced. DAHANA would definitely be in the news. He was not afraid. According to him, where there are challenges, there are opportunities. "This condition actually became a momentum for us to explain about the safety of the explosives we produce," said the man who was born in Pandeglang, Banten. The efforts that he made were fruitful. Slowly but surely, the public's perception of DAHANA has shifted to a company known as a producer of safe and environmentally friendly explosives. This reputation building step is in line with the company's vision and mission. "The DAHANA building was also built with a green and environmentally friendly concept," said Juli. "We are also actively doing CSR. This activity also aims to build public understanding about DAHANA," he added. Meanwhile, to consumers, they are aggressively building a perception as a technology company. According to the man who graduated as a Bachelor of Communication at Mercu Buana University, this is in line with DAHANA's core business as a producer of explosives for general mining, the quarry sector, and construction. Egalitarian Outgoing is another character that sticks to Juli's persona. For him, an outgoing attitude is one of the provisions of public relations in communicating both with internal and external parties. "Communicate in an egalitarian way to enter all circles," he said. According to Juli, the ability to carry yourself well can make it easier for public relations to get access to anywhere. Including, to the main director or when dealing with reporters. In order to get richer insights, PR must expand relationships and be good at interacting with practitioners from across professions. Meanwhile, to improve his skills and find out about the latest dynamics on public relations, he actively joins public relations forums such as FH BUMN and PERHUMAS. Juli also joined other forums outside the field of public relations, namely the blogger community.  Juli is not only known as a fan of writing but also has an interest in the world of public speaking. The owner of the blog account channels his public speaking skills through a YouTube channel with the same name, Seruput Kopi Panas. On his channel, he often shares motivational videos. In the future, he hopes Seruput Kopi Panas can develop into a training institution in the communication, social, economic, and religious fields. Currently, Seruput Kopi Panas is in the preparation stage to become a book. "In the future, this institution is expected to be able to provide more benefits to many people," said Juli who has the principle of being a creative dreamer. (rvh)
FIGURE || 25 June 2020
Rieka Handayani, Head of PR and Brand Activation of Mekari: Big Because of Data
JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Believe it or not, the figure who is known as data specialist public relations (PR) makes Rieka often sought by head hunters. Her introduction to data began when she saw a job opening through Twitter, the social media she loved, and was popular among the young generation at that time. Yose Rizal, the founder who is currently a member of Telkomsel's Commissioner, was building a social media listening tool-based agency company called MediaWave. Rieka was interested although the woman who likes traveling and photography is a graduate of Chemical Engineering of ITENAS, Bandung. She didn’t give up and caught up with learning various digital data sciences through YouTube and Webinar classes, and the rest was self-taught. Because at that time digital data was still classified as a new science. After accumulating a lot of knowledge and experience in MediaWave, the woman who was met by PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Wednesday (5/2/2020), got an offer from the head hunter to become Asia Pacific's Social Account Manager at Leo Burnett Group Indonesia, an advertising agency headquartered in Chicago, United States. She learned new knowledge. At that time, Rieka was trusted to manage clients from various industrial and multinational backgrounds. Ranging from fast food companies to technology. After that, she decided to return to her hometown, Bandung, because she wanted to focus on raising her child. New challenges Just three months after becoming a mother, Rieka was asked by MediaWave to join again. She accepted the offer with a reason that the distance between the office and her home was close and the working hours were flexible. Moreover, at that time the company that was founded in 2010 received proposals from Freeport Indonesia, which at that time began to open up to cyberspace. She and the team were challenged to be able to counter issues based on data. From there she also learned how to manage crises. Rieka was again contacted by the head hunter. This time the offer came from The joint venture company between Telkom Indonesia and eBay was looking for the right person to fill the position of head of PR who both understand PR and digital. "There I got a lot of knowledge and guidance from Mr. Aulia (Aulia E. Marinto, CEO of at the time) about corporate PR," said the woman who adheres to the principle of never giving up. She also worked for a year at Trans Social Media, until finally in October 2019 she joined Mekari, a startup that focused on developing software-as-a-service (SAAS), as Head of PR and Brand Activation. She was challenged because this position required her to explore a new formula between corporate PR and PR marketing in companies with B2B business models that target niche markets. "We must be able to convey what the company has done to the audience. On the other hand, we must also create programs that have a business impact," she said. Rieka is now at a point where she is no longer pursuing a career. But she wants to leave a legacy for the team and the company. To the PR generation, the woman who loves mountain climbing advised to always formulate a strategy based on data and in the order of thought patterns. If that has been done, do not be afraid to execute the program. What is important is the program measurement and evaluation afterward. "Always take measurement so we find the pattern, why does it work, why does it fail," she said. She also appealed that public relations to always be open with other disciplines, sharpen the ability to analyze, increase the level of adaptability, and up-to-date with technology. (rvh/rtn)
FIGURE || 12 June 2020