Take a Peek at the 12 Secrets of Influencers
PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Take a Peek at the 12 Secrets of Influencers
Besides being able to open up opportunities to earn income, becoming an influencer can expand the network, proving that the person concerned has the value, influence and trust of the netizen.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Yes, there are many opportunities that can be obtained by becoming an influencer. According to Content Creator Benazio Rizki Putra, besides being able to open up opportunities to gain income such as brand deals and endorsements, becoming an influencer can expand networks.

In addition, it proves that the person concerned has the value, influence and trust of the netizen. "This is proofed by the number of followers and their interactions in the form of likes and comments," he said while speaking at a webinar organized by Terang Jakarta titled "Social Media A to Z: Things that You Don't Know about Social Media"on Monday (15/6/2020).

If observed closely, said the man whose nick name is Bena Kribo, every influencer has a characteristic or personal branding. For example, they have different hobbies like make-up, device review, cooking, culinary tours, traveling, and so on. "We can choose whatever we want to show, but not everything has to be shared on social media," he said.



Bena summarizes 12 important things that must be considered in managing social media accounts. In particular, Instagram. First, username. Keep it short, unique and easy to remember. Second, biodata. The contents revolve around what other people want to know about us, make it brief and to the point because the number of characters is limited.

Third, set a target audience and get to know it. Starting from the age range, their life style, to their average income. "So that we can connect when we’re building communication with them," he said.

Fourth, create content that is informative (tutorials, useful), entertaining (interesting, attractive, fun). Fifth, engaging, it means that the content must be useful, shareable, and relatable. Sixth, pay attention to the thumbnails, make sure they look neat and attractive.

Seventh, take advantage of the caption column to write important information with storytelling. Eighth, call to action by making questions, inviting discussion, including video links, inviting to mention friends, to asking their opinions.

Ninth, establish interactions by replying to comments, direct messages, or giving like to people's comments on our uploads. Tenth, never buy followers. "If we get followers instantly, it's instant loss too. Just enjoy the growing process because it's more valuable,” said the man who started his career as a blog writer.

Eleventh, attention span. Get people interested in the first seconds. Continue to innovate and adapt content according to the latest trends but still relevant to our personalities. Lastly, or the 12th, pay attention to the size of the photo/video, upload time is usually between 7 - 9pm, riding the trend, and uploading consistently. (ais)


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