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PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, September 05, 2018
About Us

PR INDONESIA is a medium for public relation practitioners in Indonesia in strengthening Indonesia’s public relations competencies. PR presents through printed/digital/portal magazine, training, PR community forum, and awarding.


Through the magazine, we publish monthly and report activities, events, agendas, strategic issues, prominent thinking or public relations figures in Indonesia. Packed with popular language, but still has the weight as a source of information and knowledge about contemporary PR.


PR INDONESIA Magazine debut on February 7th, 2015 along with the 1st ASEAN Public Relations Summit (APRS) in 2015.


Frequency                              : Monthly

Circulation                            : 3.000 exemplars



Vision and Mission


To become an information center for the public relations world and industry in Indonesia.


Ultimate Goals


To become a trusted media for PR practitioner, community, and industry in Indonesia.




Beyond Reputation




The magazine of PR Community in Indonesia.



PT Media Piar Indonesia


Person in Charge/Editor in Chief: Asmono Wikan

Company Director: F. Sutedjo

Business Development: Lila Intana

Advertising: M Yamin (Manager), Dwi Siti Romdhoni, Mellisa Indah Purnamasari

Finance: Marlia Yoanita

Community Relations: Fisena Hardiyanto

Editor Secretariat: Riska Fera

Editor: Ratna Kartika

Reporter: Aisyah Salsabila, Rizka Vardya

Distribution and Circulation: Sekhudin

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