Putiarsa, Elnusa Petrofin: Pursuing the Dream of Teaching
PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, August 20, 2020
Putiarsa, Elnusa Petrofin: Pursuing the Dream of Teaching
The dream that he hasn't been achieved is to become a lecturer.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Oil and gas are one of the industrial sectors that are prone to issues. Especially if the operational area covers all of Indonesia and its business output is in direct contact with the vital needs of the community, such as PT Elnusa Petrofin. "Negative publications or potential conflicts with even the smallest stakeholders must be handled quickly and precisely," said Putiarsa Bagus Wibowo, the Head of Corporate Communications of Elnusa Petrofin to PR INDONESIA on Friday (6/26/2020). 

For example, when PT Elnusa Petrofin which also the subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) was faced with rejection from stakeholders in one of its operational areas. According to Arsa, as Putiarsa is usually called, the first step that must be taken is mapping the root of the problem and all of its elements. 

Moreover, building solid relationships and communication in the internal of the company, from the board of directors to the management level. This is not easy, because the operational scope of the company operating in the logistics service sector and the distribution of fuel is wide, the number of workers is large and spread across almost all of Indonesia. Including, building harmonious relationships with media partners and other stakeholders. "So, it is necessary to formulate a strategy in such a way so that we can communicate on target," he said. 

Arsa said, facing a crisis needs calm. "Get to know the problem deeply, then collaborate with the team," said the man who holds to the principle "always do your best". Public relations (PR) must also make an action plan as soon as possible and actively communicate it to the board of directors. 

Meanwhile, in order for external communication to run smoothly, according to Arsa, there needs to be mutual support between PR and the directors. He is grateful that Corporate Communication is one of the strategic functions at Elnusa Petrofin. Its existence is always involved in every move and step of the company. "We were entrusted with providing advice and input to the directors regarding the management of the company's reputation," he said. 

The team is also given space to discuss with the board of directors. This is important so that they can explore the direction and key messages that the board of directors wants to convey. "Of course, it takes enormous effort and seriousness to build this function into a big and trustworthy one," he said while remembering the early days of building the Corcomm division.  

Communication Bridges 

Arsa has had an interest in PR since he was in school. At that time, he was active in organizations. In fact, he and his friends formed a journalism study group outside of school. "The routine of writing and discussing to find solutions fosters the belief that by pursuing my profession as a corporate communication, I can channel my talents as well as contribute to the nation," said the man who chose to make his life more balanced by exploring new places or foods, reading books and watching movies.  

His career as a PR began in 2008 as a Corporate Communication Officer at a tobacco company in East Java. Furthermore, he was involved in the palm oil, automotive, and oil and gas agribusiness industries. He works as a PR up to this day. The dream that he hasn't been achieved is to become a lecturer. Share knowledge and experiences for the next generation of communication in the country. (ais/rvh) 

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