Rieka Handayani, Head of PR and Brand Activation of Mekari: Big Because of Data
PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, June 12, 2020
Rieka Handayani, Head of PR and Brand Activation of Mekari: Big Because of Data
Rieka is known as a data specialist PR.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Believe it or not, the figure who is known as data specialist public relations (PR) makes Rieka often sought by head hunters. Her introduction to data began when she saw a job opening through Twitter, the social media she loved, and was popular among the young generation at that time. Yose Rizal, the founder who is currently a member of Telkomsel's Commissioner, was building a social media listening tool-based agency company called MediaWave.

Rieka was interested although the woman who likes traveling and photography is a graduate of Chemical Engineering of ITENAS, Bandung. She didn’t give up and caught up with learning various digital data sciences through YouTube and Webinar classes, and the rest was self-taught. Because at that time digital data was still classified as a new science.

After accumulating a lot of knowledge and experience in MediaWave, the woman who was met by PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Wednesday (5/2/2020), got an offer from the head hunter to become Asia Pacific's Social Account Manager at Leo Burnett Group Indonesia, an advertising agency headquartered in Chicago, United States. She learned new knowledge. At that time, Rieka was trusted to manage clients from various industrial and multinational backgrounds. Ranging from fast food companies to technology. After that, she decided to return to her hometown, Bandung, because she wanted to focus on raising her child.

New challenges

Just three months after becoming a mother, Rieka was asked by MediaWave to join again. She accepted the offer with a reason that the distance between the office and her home was close and the working hours were flexible. Moreover, at that time the company that was founded in 2010 received proposals from Freeport Indonesia, which at that time began to open up to cyberspace. She and the team were challenged to be able to counter issues based on data. From there she also learned how to manage crises.

Rieka was again contacted by the head hunter. This time the offer came from Blanja.com. The joint venture company between Telkom Indonesia and eBay was looking for the right person to fill the position of head of PR who both understand PR and digital. "There I got a lot of knowledge and guidance from Mr. Aulia (Aulia E. Marinto, CEO of Blanja.com at the time) about corporate PR," said the woman who adheres to the principle of never giving up.

She also worked for a year at Trans Social Media, until finally in October 2019 she joined Mekari, a startup that focused on developing software-as-a-service (SAAS), as Head of PR and Brand Activation. She was challenged because this position required her to explore a new formula between corporate PR and PR marketing in companies with B2B business models that target niche markets. "We must be able to convey what the company has done to the audience. On the other hand, we must also create programs that have a business impact," she said.

Rieka is now at a point where she is no longer pursuing a career. But she wants to leave a legacy for the team and the company. To the PR generation, the woman who loves mountain climbing advised to always formulate a strategy based on data and in the order of thought patterns. If that has been done, do not be afraid to execute the program. What is important is the program measurement and evaluation afterward. "Always take measurement so we find the pattern, why does it work, why does it fail," she said. She also appealed that public relations to always be open with other disciplines, sharpen the ability to analyze, increase the level of adaptability, and up-to-date with technology. (rvh/rtn)

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