Hermansyah Yuliandri Nasroen, Pertamina EP: Integrity
PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, May 08, 2020
Hermansyah Yuliandri Nasroen, Pertamina EP: Integrity
His career as a public relation officer in various regions with all its dynamics shaped Herman to be a person who always prioritizes good relations.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Initially, Hermansyah, who graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the Parahyangan University in Bandung, wanted to become a diplomat. Fate says otherwise. His participation in the Bachelor Profession Guidance program organized by PT Pertamina (Persero) in 2001 led him to the world of public relations. After diving in it, h claimed to be lucky. “Not everyone has the opportunity to go anywhere, from upstream to downstream, if not public relations,” said Hermansyah.

 He said to PR INDONESIA that met him in Jakarta on Monday (24/02/2020) that his adventure as a public relations officer started in the Kalimantan Upstream Operations Area Sangatta Field. Five years later, he joined the Kerosene to LPG Conversion Team, he was assigned as a Corporate Secretary in Pertamina headquarter to handle internal communication as well as company activities. He returned to the regional office, precisely Operation Region 7 in Makassar, then Processing Unit 3 in Plaju, Palembang, until today, as PR Manager of Pertamina EP.


His career as a public relation officer in various regions with all its dynamics shaped Herman to be a person who always prioritizes good relations. “The company’s business process requires us to have a good relationship with stakeholders,” said the man who likes running and golf.


According to him, it’s not an easy task to build and maintain a relationship. Especially giving understanding to the community in the regions regarding the process of oil and gas production from upstream to downstream of Pertamina EP which is closely related to maintaining national energy security. “The key is always to prioritize sincerity when interacting with someone or a group of people, without any suspicion. First, clear the assumption and perception toward the person. Later, there will be a time when we find wow moments,” he said.

The first thing he did when he first faced the community in a new area was to approach the senior public relations. The purpose is to explore information about the characteristics of the surrounding community. Then, approach the smallest regional/government apparatus such as the village head or sub-district head. “Learn the culture, customs, and habits of the local people first. Those aspects must be first respected,” he explained. Even with journalists, he always builds personal closeness.

His work experience in rural areas forced him to not be able to spend time with his wife and two children. The man who is still obsessed to continue his master’s degree tries to be compliant. “I couldn’t go back to Jakarta often when I was still working in Sangatta Field, Kalimantan. Once I went home, my child was confused, "Who is this?" Ha-ha! " he recalled. "I just live it because it is a commitment. There must be a time for us to reunite with family, "he said.

He advised others to be a public relations officer with integrity. What does it mean? Herman gave an example, “Public Relations absolutely must have high adaptability. How? Yes, you have to be smart,” he concluded. (ais/rtn)

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