Dian Amintapratiwi P, LMAN: Communication, Dance, and Diplomacy
PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, June 05, 2020
Dian Amintapratiwi P, LMAN: Communication, Dance, and Diplomacy
It's not easy to build a communication division from scratch.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – She is still relatively young, but Mitha has been trusted as the Team Leader Strategy of the State Asset Management Agency (LMAN). A public service agency under the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) which is in charge of managing state assets as well as funding land acquisition for infrastructure. She joined the Business Development, Communication Strategy, and Partnership Relations Division in 2018.

For Mitha, the mandate she is holding is extraordinarily challenging. Because, LMAN is considered as a new agency, it was only established in 2015. While the public relations (PR) position was born three years later. It's not easy to build a communication division from scratch. Even so, she still carried out her duties with professionalism and integrity. 

"It takes extraordinary effort to introduce the LMAN brand to the public," said the woman who had just completed her Masters in Communication Management at the University of Indonesia. Fortunately, the Ministry of Finance's label attached to LMAN was enough to help Mitha and four of her team members to encourage this agency to become more popular.

LMAN PR performs two main functions. The first is building public awareness and making people aware of the optimization of state assets. The second is building internal awareness of the institution about the importance of the existence of PR itself. According to the woman who had worked as Corporate Relations at BRI and Garuda Indonesia, the two tasks were not exactly easy. "The management of state assets is important and crucial for the country's economy. If in developed countries, the assets owned can work or generate by themselves. It’s different in Indonesia, a great effort is needed to keep our assets from being idle," said the winner of Insan PR INDONESIA 2019 - 2020.

Because of that challenge, the competencies needed to become LMAN PR is exceptional. They must have sensitivity in analyzing the situation while providing a solution. While being adaptive to technological development becomes a mandatory competence in the digital era as it is today. "But technological literacy does not mean eliminating the humanism side. Because technology is only a tool. It is humans who receive the message," she said, clarifying.


In the midst of her activities as a PR practitioner, Mitha was never absent to practice and take part in the performance of Javanese classical dance in Yogyakarta style. She has been involved in this dance since she was eight years old. In fact, she had just performed as the Art Ambassador in England.

She got his love for Javanese art from her mother. Because of her love for the dance, she aspires to make an international art performance in which she plays a role as a PR that promotes Indonesian culture. "I’ll be the PR as well as the dancer," Mitha said with a laugh. That's when, said the mother of one child, the function of PR, diplomat, and her hobbies go hand in hand. (ais)

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