Interaction, the Key to be Healthy in the Digital Era
06 January 2020
Interaction, the Key to be Healthy in the Digital Era
For Nia, giving the best employee experience is the key in managing internal communication.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – According to Nia Sarinastiti, Marketing and Communication Director of Accenture Indonesia, managing employees is not about giving more salaries, but also routinely providing the best employee experience.

Nia considered this method to be effective to reduce the percentage of employees who are resigned, especially the millennial generation. Moreover, there are so many start-up companies popping up nowadays. Like the saying, the grass is always greener on the other side, a lot of young people are tempted to join. “What needs to be emphasized here is not only communication. In our company, the important thing is engagement,” Nia said while speaking at the PERHUMAS 1st Conference with the theme Internal Communication in Jakarta at the beginning of 2019.

According to Nia, in addition to providing employee experience, what is also important is building a work culture that upholds a sense of belonging, respect, and creates the impression that working does not always have to be serious. She gave the example of a program that was done by Accenture called Blue Sky on the Sea. This game was aimed to invite the employees to go home from work before sunset. Whoever went home at 6 p.m. and provided a photo or video as evidence, they would get a point.

Another interesting program is the Talk with Managing Director. If in other companies employees tend to be afraid to talk with their CEO, in Accenture employees are required to interact directly with the leadership, even take a photo together. Another program called Me at Accenture aims to find out how far the employees know the company. This program is carried out in the form of a game. “Do I understand the core value of the company? Do I know what the company’s code of conduct? But it is made in an interesting way,” Nia said. According to her, this strategy is important especially since 50 percent of their employees are millennials.


There are also other interesting programs such as Connecting One Accenture, Work from Somewhere, Team Fun Activity, and About My Supervisor. In addition, there is also a simple activity called Thanking Someone, where they are looking for employees who say thank you. The employee who has accumulated the most points will get an appreciation in the form of a free movie ticket. “We are in the 4.0 era, we are in the effort of managing future workers. We can’t just rely on salaries but also explores what is needed in the internal of the company. It turns out that one of them is employee experience,” she added.

Not only creating fun programs, but Accenture is also concerned with the lifestyle and health of the employees. One of them is by holding a program called Screenagers where the company invites the employees to detox or take a break from any activities related to screens, be it laptops, computers, cellphones, tablets, and etc. Employees are encouraged to charge themselves by participating in four main activities, such as mental focus, health talk, heart sense of belonging, and sense of purpose. “We as humans must still be able to interact in this digital era,” Nia concluded. (ais)

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