2020, the Domination of Data Analysis Technology Utilization
30 December 2019
2020, the Domination of Data Analysis Technology Utilization
Indonesia is predicted to be better in utilizing AI potential.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – PR Practitioners will use the data management and analysis technology as a base to formulate a smarter strategy, build a more focused campaign, target public groups more precisely using more creative methods.

According to Jojo S. Nugroho, the Chairperson of the Association of Indonesia Public Relations Company (APPRI), through a written statement to PR INDONESIA on Monday (23/12/2019), current trends have actually led to work scenarios that include cross-digital ways.

USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations through the 2019 Global Communication Report mentioned that in the future, technology is predicted will be used more by PR to conduct social listening, website performance analysis, and social media management.

Still based on the research, the involvement of artificial intelligence (AI) in communication and marketing work around the world is increasingly used in the past year. "Indonesia is predicted to be even better at using the potential of AI to carry out business and market intelligence, disseminate information, and plan PR marketing," Jojo added.

The consequence is the increasingly integrated public relations work with marketing and sales work to address challenges at two levels at once, namely the corporation and the consumer market. He believes more mature business intelligence will help companies or organizations to position themselves better in the midst of the dynamics of social issues.

Therefore, PR practitioners must improve the ability to translate data into strategy and action. By using AI, PR can give input for policy, help in the company’s important decision making, and encourage behavior change more precisely. “This goes beyond the formation of awareness and preferences that are generally the domain of public relations so far," he said.

Although digital data technology is increasingly needed, he argues, the expertise and basic skills of public relations work in terms of human relations cannot be abandoned. The tools of work continue to develop and make public relations work more effective and efficient, but the intelligence and wisdom of a public relations practitioner cannot be replaced by technology. "Public relations is one of the most dynamic professions and the art of public relations must be maintained," he said firmly.

Jojo also said that 2020 was a year of closer collaboration. Each agency offers something different, but it is almost impossible for one agency to be the best in everything. "Through collaboration, public relations agencies can complement and support each other in accordance with their respective field expertise to achieve client goals," he said.

APPRI also predicts that boutique-scale agencies will be increasingly in demand because they are flexible, adaptive, creative, communicative and competitive, as well as quality in responding to client needs. (rvh)

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