Inadia Aristyavani, Tugu Insurance: Empathy and Ethics
PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, December 27, 2019
Inadia Aristyavani, Tugu Insurance: Empathy and Ethics

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – A few months later, we met again. This time she participated to become one of the participants of the PR INDONESIA Fellowship Program. Of course, her competence and experience in writing as one of the evaluation criteria did need not be doubted. Apart from being a lecturer, she has published scientific text books. Together with two of her fellow Fellowship participants for the 2017 - 2018 period, they published a public relations (PR) book entitled PR and Disruption: What PR Practitioners Must Do to Face Changes in the Digital Era.

The winner of the Gold category in the 2019 Insan PR Indonesia is an example of a PR practitioner who did not come from the Communication Science background. She is catching up by attending many intensive courses and training. Until finally she received a master's degree in Communication Science, three years ago. In 2006, she officially acted out her role as PR and did not look back.

We met her at one of the coffee shops in Bali, after the JAMPIRO #5 on Thursday (31/10/2019). Even though the atmosphere was dominated by the euphoria of Halloween, with all the creepy interiors and waiters, the conversation went on without a hitch. To Ratna Kartika, Nadia, Inadia's nickname, told the story.

You are a PR figure who actively participates in awards/competition. The last one was Insan PR INDONESIA. What drives you to participate?
Actually, the purpose of participating in the competition is to get objective feedback and evaluation from the professionals who are experts in their fields. Including at the first time Tugu Insurance participated in the 2017 PR INDONESIA Awards (PRIA) event, and so on until now.

Events like this also provide an opportunity for us to get the latest information, especially regarding public relations, from various industries. At the same time, business networking and our efforts to hone our teamwork spirit and brand culture, namely #ReachingNewHeights or #BeraniLebihBaik. While specifically for Insan PR Indonesia, the motivation is for evaluation and self-actualization. At the same time, practicing the #BeraniLebihBaik spirit culture personally.

In your opinion, how important is a company participating in a competition?
In the Pertamina Group, we cannot accommodate all competition/awards events. We have to believe that the competition that we participate in has credibility and quality. Achievement in the form of competition or appreciation is important for Tugu Insurance.

In addition to the purposes as I have mentioned above, it will certainly also be a consideration for shareholders and regulators. One of them is by maintaining the A- rating from A.M. Best for four years. While the appreciation in the field of PR, we classify it into the PR and Brand Communication category.

What is your career background like?
Thank God, my career was quite in line to the educational background that I had. In the early 2000s, after receiving my diploma degree from LPK Tarakanita, I worked as a secretary in several multinational companies.

In 2004, I joined one of the TEMASEK Group companies. At that time, I was still the secretary of the country director. My boss saw my other talents. Incidentally, at that time I was taking employee classes to get a Bachelor of Economics degree, with the concentration on Marketing Management. I was offered another field. "You don’t need to be a secretary anymore. Just be the project coordinator," he said at the time. Finally, I was placed as the Project Coordinator for the Sales and Marketing Division in one of the TEMASEK Group companies.

Seeing my daily lobbying, my boss once again saw that I had other potential. "Learning about PR," he asked. I also participated in various executive courses and training in the field of PR, brand and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). In 2006, still in the same business group, I officially worked in the PR field. February 2007, I anchored at PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia Tbk, or now known as Tugu Insurance which is a subsidiary of Pertamina. Practically until now, I have been working as a communicator for more than a decade.

What are the ups and downs since you received this mandate?
There are more ups that downs, even though this department is fairly new. One thing for sure, I have to face various opportunities and challenges proactively. Because, if I previously only work in the area of Corporate Communication and Brand that intersect closely with the IMC, now I have to really focus on the PR field. These include government relations job desks, media relations and engagement, issue and crisis handling management, communication audit/research, to stakeholder management mapping.

What are the messages for young people who want to follow in your footsteps as PR?
As a PR practitioner, practitioner lecturer and creative trainer, I hope the younger generation who aspire to become PR have a passionate spirit to always have continuous improvement, build each other's brand personality, stay hungry, smart but be kind while still having empathy and ethics.

And, please don't be allergic to studying financial statement analysis. Because, to make a press release or answer various media questions, a PR must have sufficient understanding of the highlights of financial statements to then be used as news value.

So, to become a PR is not just a matter of the ability of the right brain or materials that are art, creative, intangible, and qualitative. But there must be a balance with the use of the left brain associated with quantitative and tangible. Input + output = outcome.

What is the principle of your life?
Gratitude brings us happiness, so have courage and be kind. This principle is also what I am constantly learning and working on. Sincerity and patience are unlimited and can only be done by continuing to study, but being grateful is a choice. So, it is not be happy first and then be grateful later. But if you want to be happy, be grateful first, then you can learn to be happy.

To cultivate the habit of always being thankful, currently I am applying a minimalist lifestyle. Learn to love and maximize what we have. Use something as needed and not being excessive. It turns out that in this way, I feel life is lighter and helps it to be more meaningful.

What dreams do you want to achieve?
To earn a doctorate in Communication Science, publish several science texts books that can be useful in the world of practitioners and academics. And, have my own jewelry brand line. As Muslim women, we are encouraged to learning to trade, right? (rtn)


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