The Two Powerful Combinations to Build Public Trust
PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, December 17, 2019
The Two Powerful Combinations to Build Public Trust
The strategy to promote local wisdom will be more maximal if it’s disseminated by utilizing information technology.
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YOGYAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – without us realizing it, the era of globalization and digitalization has eroded cultural values and local wisdom. Although according to Raden Prabowo Yuwono, Head of Community Information Bureau of the National Police’s Public Relations Division, a communication strategy that promotes local wisdom is believed to be an effective weapon for public relations (PR) to build public trust.

“With local wisdom, the message delivered will be easier to accept by the public in accordance with the values adhered to,” said Raden while speaking at the talk show titled “Indonesia PR Road Map 2019-2024” as a part of the 20th PERHUMAS National Public Relations Convention in Yogyakarta on Monday (16/12/2019).

This communication style is also applied by Bank Mandiri. According to Rohan Hafas, Corporate Secretary of Bank Mandiri who is also the Chairperson of SOE Public Relations Forum, one of the strategies that can be applied to explore local wisdom is by appointing a communication person in charge (PIC) at the regional level to carry out the functions of media relations, media communications, and crisis handling.

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According to Rohan, this strategy will be more maximal if it’s disseminated by utilizing the existence of information technology. The message is also more relevant, personal, and in accordance with the targeted audience.

Widodo Muktiyo, Director General of Information and Public Communication of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo), stated that in designing communication strategy, PR cannot be separated from technology.

Moreover, the development of information technology and communication has influenced social life to be more complex. This social complexity happens much faster than the development of the human cognitive mind. This condition has an impact on the change in the way public relations approaches to build communication.

As stated by Muhammad Sulhan, the Chairperson of ASPIKOM, the rapid development of information technology also resulted in unconscious syndrome, a condition where we feel all disruption that is happening is right and fine, though in reality, it doesn’t seem so.

That is why Agung Laksamana, the Chairperson of PERHUMAS Central Governing Body, said that the future starts now, not tomorrow. “There are many things that we imagine are in the future, when in fact it is already in our grasps now,” he said. “What is the example? Artificial intelligence (AI) which we unknowingly have become a major influencer of our daily lives,” Agung added.

Another phenomenon, today the audience is exposed to so much content every time and PR must find a way to attract attention and make the audience trust the brand. Therefore, Agung who is also the Director of Corporate Affairs of APRIL Group said that PR needs to be good at adapting and changing mindset in working. “In designing communication strategy, we must use big data analytics and understand artificial intelligence,” he said.

Even so, Widodo added that technology is only a tool. “PR must utilize this tool to share educational information,” he added. (den)

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