Genuine Communication, the Key to Win Audience’s Heart
PRINDONESIA.CO | Monday, December 16, 2019
Genuine Communication, the Key to Win Audience’s Heart
The main thing in building communication that promotes local wisdom is creating a genuine communication.
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YOGYAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – If we look at its history, Danone entered Indonesia through an inorganic way, precisely acquisition. The global brand that spreads in 160 countries is a collection of local companies that have merged to become a multinational company.

“Our challenge as Danone PR in every country is how to localize the global, while globalizes the local,” said Arif Mujahidin, Communication Director of Danone Indonesia when he was speaking at the 20th PERHUMAS Public Relations National Convention in Yogyakarta on Monday (16/12/2019).

To unite local and global, one of the efforts they do is to conduct annual activities. Every year, all Danone employees throughout the world do voluntary activities in their respective regions. The activities are then shared by Danone’s platform.

According to Arif, the main thing in building communication that promotes local wisdom is by creating genuine communication. “We shared stories about the company’s activities in Indonesia through building a method connecting inside out outside in with the media and bloggers,” he said. “We invited them to interact with the surrounding community and factory employees so they can feel the diversity of our company,” said Arif at the event that raised the theme “PR and Sustainability Business through Local Wisdom Understanding”.

Arief argued, even though information technology is developing rapidly and all parties are racing to get the attention of the audience in the midst of the swift flow of information, the most important thing for a PR is building communication and good personal relations to win the heart of the public/customers/audience.

This method can be improved through various activations, as Danone did by holding the Danone Blogger Academy, Danone Vlogger Academy, and many more. Relation and communication should also be maintained in such a way, do not only last for a moment or when there is a need only. “Build connections that are more than just a professional relationship. Establish and maintain communication and relationship continuously. So, when they get information, they can easily confirm to us and vice versa,” said Arif.

Because according to Arif, successful communication and relations are when our partners, for example, a blogger, offer to help us when they hear bad news about our company. “The work of PR is like a trip. We can enjoy it if we are able to create genuine stories throughout the journey,” he added.

Meanwhile, for Astra International, local wisdom has become a part of the company’s vision, namely Sejahtera Bersama Bangsa which means proper with the nation. The commitment is implemented in various programs. This activity is also in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. One of them is Kampung Bersih Astra (Astra Clean Village) and Satu Indonesia Astra (One Indonesia Astra). “There is a lot of potential in this country that is so sophisticated and is no less competitive,” said Karnanda Kurniardhi, Head of Internal Relations Department, Corporate Communication Division of PT Astra International Tbk. (rtn)

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