Get to Know How to Protect Personal Data
PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Get to Know How to Protect Personal Data
Maintaining the security of personal data starts with yourself.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – This was the main topic in the interactive dialogue called Bright Talk initiated by Bright Up Indonesia community at the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta on Sunday (8/12/2019). With the theme “Your Meditation (Your Media, Data & Information)”, they invited the participants who were mostly students to care about protecting their personal data.

According to Imam Suryanto, the founder of Bright Up Indonesia, the issue of data protection and security is already in the dangerous category. Therefore, education and literation about data protection are important especially as the younger generation is more active through digital platforms. “Through this event, we want to educate them to better understand the ways to protect personal data and to literate information media in the midst of the popularity of social media use,” he added.

Hendri Sasmita Yudha, Head of Sub Directorate of Personal Data Protection Management of the Directorate General of Informatics Application of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo), who was also a speaker of the event said that the vulnerability of personal data to irresponsible people does not limit us to always being closed. “We can be open as long as we know the purpose and the way service providers process it,” Hendri said.

According to Hendri, there are two concepts that must be known about personal data. First, there is management control from the service provider. Second, service providers process data in a transparent and accountable manner. “After knowing the concept of personal data, then we find out how to protect personal data,” he said.

There are four ways to protect personal data, they are:

Get to know personal data

The data such as name, place, and date of birth, biological mother’s name, ID number, and so on.


It means, there is a link between the service provider with the requested data. Hendri gave an example. “I have to register for a car repair. The data requested is the car brand and year of production. That is relevant,” he said.

So, what if the service provider has another business unit? Can the data be shared? Hendri said yes, as long as there is an agreement and a clear purpose. “Every data provided must have approval from the data owner and every processing must have approval,” he said.

Check privacy policy

The long permission details make people less likely to read them. They immediately clicked on the accept button without paying attention and understanding the terms and conditions. “What’s important is that we know our rights. We also have to know who the third party is involved,” he said.

Be wise in using social media

Maintaining the security of personal data starts with yourself. Therefore, we must be able to sort out which things should be stored or consumed for personal use and which are uploaded to the public.

Hendri’s statement was agreed by two other speakers, they were Yosi Mokalu, Chairperson of Siberkreasi, and Ardiyamsi Sarmoko who was a former television journalist. According to Yosi and Ardiyamsi, the public must be wise in using social media and do not easily provoke to judge others. “Always think positively so you can convey your message in a creative and positive way,” concluded Yosi. (rvh)

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