Digital PR: Engagement is More Important than Followers
05 December 2019
Digital PR: Engagement is More Important than Followers
There are at least three things that PR must be aware of when managing and maximizing communication strategy through digital, such as thumb is a brand killer, check findings, and do not get fooled with the number of followers.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – As stated by Deden Purnamahadi, Business Director and co-founder of Crimson Agency, through a written statement to PR INDONESIA on Friday (11/10/2019). “Digital PR is more than just managing social media. Digital PR is about how PR practitioners utilize the digital ecosystem to build public trust in the company,” he said.

The existence of digital and technology is not a threat. On the contrary, they help the work of PR, because, through digital technology, they can reach more audience according to the desired profile. PR can also measure the effectiveness of messages, including criticisms and suggestions from the target audience.

Therefore, in today’s era, PR must be able to integrate PR traditional approaches with digital PR. Why? Because the difference is only the channel, while the message is still the same. “Here comes the challenge of PR. They are required to be able to convey messages properly according to the type of channel,” Deden said.

Even so, Deden summarized that there are at least three things that PR must be aware of when managing and maximizing communication strategy through digital. First, thumb is a brand killer. Through smartphones, everyone can express their opinion easily through social media. Therefore, PR should not underestimate messages from consumers. Second, check the search engine findings of the company. Keep ensuring that that search engine findings with company or brand keywords are all in positive sentiment, at least for the first three pages.

Third, do not be fooled with the aim of increasing the number of followers and fans. “The important thing is not the number of followers, but what we will do with them,” he said. All social media platforms provide paid features to share content to a wider audience than the number of followers. “Now, many things happen and it’s easier if it’s done in digital, including reducing crisis and building engagement with the target audience,” he said.

Increase Competence

The basic skills that must be possessed by PR who manages communication strategy in the digital channels include the skill to create the right content for consumption on social media. Content that is snackable, inspiring, entertaining, and can engage the audience. Content is not only in the form of text, but also images and videos. Second, understand how SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) work. These two things will influence the way PR chooses the theme and writes relevant content. Third, understanding about paid ads on social media. Fourth, the skill to read digital data, such as insight on social media accounts and Google Analytics.

According to Deden, to be able to implement those skills, there must be a willingness from PR practitioners to change mindset and way of working. PR practitioners must also be able to balance the speed in terms of responding to feedback or questions from the audience because they will affect the reputation of the company/brand. The success of the program can be measured more quickly and accurately. Therefore, PR practitioners must be able to maneuver faster to reach their program goals. “Trend, technology, and digital tools are developing rapidly. PR practitioners have no other choice but to follow their development and increase their competencies,” Deden emphasized. (mai)

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