Digital PR: Digital Technology Enriches PR Practice
04 December 2019
Digital PR: Digital Technology Enriches PR Practice
It would be better if PR is able to bring digital into everyday life. There’s no need to consider it as a burden and something new or special.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – In the past, when a citizen wanted to convey their aspirations to the President, they had to go through a long and complicated process. Today, it is enough with just one tweet or comment on social media, the message is conveyed in real-time.

This was emphasized by Iqbal Prakasa, Head of Marketing and Sales of Termination of authority is resulting from the birth of digital technology. For public relations (PR), this condition opens for more potential for crisis. In addition to threats, this condition also creates a million opportunities.

Therefore, Iqbal said that it would be better if PR is able to bring digital into everyday life. There’s no need to consider it as a burden and something new or special. “The time has changed. We must live in, because actually digital gives additional value, redefines and enriches,” said Iqbal to PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Monday (14/10/2019).

Technology is nothing more than an ecosystem or device. Technology was created to help and ease work, including the work of PR. Digital technology makes all work more precise, measurable, and transparent. Moreover, day by day everyone is increasingly asking for something more sophisticated and personal. “This is the condition that describes today’s society in wanting something, including information,” Iqbal added.

However, behind the sophistication of digital technology, there are still people as controllers. Surely, with a note that the people are able to think systematically, creatively, and adaptive to all changes that occur.

This mindset will change the business model of the company represented by PR in a better direction. For example, utilizes big data – Lokadata – for content/media analysis needs, starting from issue sentiments, influencer, types of article category, to the impact of reporting on sales. “This is only a small part of the benefits that can be obtained if PR is able to maximize the existence of digital technology,” he added.


The challenge, in the digital era, the boundary between one profession and another is increasingly blurred. Anyone can become a content creator, create advertisement, even report news through their own media. Interestingly, youtuber understand more about the workings of data analysis to produce content that can provide perspective, and can be enjoyed by the target audience.

This phenomenon is interesting to be an evaluation for PR practitioners. According to Iqbal, public relations communication activities can also get as much attention if they routinely take measurements as a part of evaluation material. PR must also be able to network with sincere stakeholders and not only for a mere formality. “What is needed in building engagement today is not just networking, but relationship,” he said.

Therefore, Iqbal appealed to PR practitioners to master data analysis so that PR can understand the needs and wants of the audience. Conduct a mapping and make everything more personal. “Data has a role to see the position, strengths, and weaknesses of the company, topics, and issues related to us,” he explained. Second, be creative. A simple example, making a press release that contains new value rather than hard-selling. Finally, understand the annual pattern/cycle of the programs that will be run. (ais/rtn)

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