Digital PR: Prepare Data when Exploring the Cyberspace
PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, December 03, 2019
Digital PR: Prepare Data when Exploring the Cyberspace
The function of digital PR will be more optimal with the support of big data and artificial intelligence.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – According to Boy Kelana Soebroto, Head of Corporate Communications of PT Astra International Tbk, the utilization of digital and technology in his corporation is inseparable from PR efforts to build reputation, credibility, and trust.

The existence of digital PR aims to establish engagement with consumers in the digital world. Boy is required to use various communication and information channels effectively, selectively, as well as understand media maps. Moreover, digital-based mass media in Indonesia is growing rapidly.

Digital PR is also involved in the company’s efforts to educate the public. “Inspiring contents will be heard more,” said Boy through a written response to PR INDONESIA on Sunday (13/10/2019).

The function of digital PR will be more optimal with the support of big data and artificial intelligence. Through both, PR has information in the form of habits (behavior) that were previously difficult to quantify. This condition also allows PR to monitor stakeholders, so that the message that will be delivered is more relevant and in accordance with the targeted audience.

In addition, Boy admitted that attractive and interactive digital PR activities are more effective and efficient for the brand in conveying its messages to the public rather than through conventional advertising. The existence of social media listening tools also helps PR to detect the potential of issues that related to the brand, respond to issues early and precisely so they do not become a crisis, monitor brand mention, and social sentiments towards the brand. In fact, it can give a warning against a surge in activity. “These instructions can be immediately extracted and followed up,” said Boy.


Astra itself has long recognized the importance of using digital in communicating corporate messages. Therefore, they immediately improve. Starting from maximizing the use of the website, social media, listening tools optimization, collaboration with contents, digital placement, and the use of AI for crowd counting and emotional detection. “In the digital era, we as PR are required to keep adapting to changes that are very dynamic, learn various cases, follow every information development both in mass and social media,” said Boy.

Creative writing also becomes an absolute hard skill possessed by digital PR practitioners, along with the ability to analyze audience/consumers/public, understand the functions and characteristics of every digital platform, edit photos/videos, and so on. Meanwhile, curiosity, open-mindedness, responsiveness to the surrounding environment, and being a PR for oneself is a soft skill that must be present in every PR practitioner.

All of these competencies are required to have because PR practitioners must be prepared to deal with social media that is wild, free, and unpredictable. “We must be prepared with data when faced with turmoil in the cyberspace,” said the alumni of Sebelas Maret University. The communication used must also be effective because communication on social media is emotion. Everyone wants to be themselves in their own accounts.

One wrong response results in damage to reputation. Therefore, PR must be equipped with good planning. Boy believes everything that is planned carefully, then evaluated and corrected will create continuous improvement. “In Astra, we always plan, do, check, action (PDCA),” Boy concluded. (mai)

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