Message Acceleration in Internal Communication
PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Message Acceleration in Internal Communication
Communication and Information Service Bureau of the Ministry of Finance utilize WhatsApp as an internal communication medium which is able to accelerate messages well across positions.

By Krishna Pandu Pradana, PR Officer of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Today, the majority of the people of Indonesia have been using the internet. According to data from the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association, in 2017 there were 143.26 million Indonesians using the internet. Meanwhile, based on We Are Social, a British company in collaboration with Hootsuite, it was mentioned that in January 2019 there were more than half of Indonesians (150 million) using the internet and social media.

Based on the data above, we can find out that social media is one of the important mediums in accelerating the message of an organization, both vertical and horizontal. If there was an SMS (short message service) that was only vertical or horizontal, now with the existence of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Line, YouTube and so on, it has changed the communication pattern. Communication now is not only vertical or horizontal but can be a combination of both.

For example YouTube, it can help accelerate message in a form of audiovisual. Instagram is suitable for targeting the youth with an interesting visual display.

WhatsApp is very effective in accelerating messages because it can easily send messages widely in groups. The users of this platform are based on interests and similarities in the type of message that will be delivered. With the base of phone number on smartphone that is connected to the internet, WhatsaApp users can activate through a code that is given via a short message then send it to their personal cellphone. All telephone contacts that are saved are directly connected with other individuals in real-time. To become a member of a particular group, there needs to be someone who invited to join the community or organization.

Informal Communication

WhatsApp conversation group in the office becomes an example of internal communication that is able to accelerate messages both at the employee level to the leadership of the organization. The example of its implementation is in the Communication and Information Service Bureau (KLI), Ministry of Finance. WhatsApp can be used for various types of messages. Both the direct directives from the Bureau Head, notices from the Administration Section to small talks related to personal matters.

The positive impact of WhatsApp at the KLI Bureau is at the time of tagline drafting and the making of the bureau logo which is now known with the tagline Building Public TRUST. All employees were involved in the form of competition determined by a deadline for submission. In addition, the Head of the KLI Bureau also rebranded the tagline and logo of the Ministry of Finance Library to Your Unlimited Knowledge. Several examples above were done to improve the communication relationship between employees so they can participate and contribute to advancing the organization and have high values and work ethics in each area of duty.

Although it has many positive impacts to accelerate messages and improve communication within the organization, social media also has weaknesses and negative impact, such as the dissemination of invalid and unverified information (hoaxes), decrease productivity, causes indifference with the people around, easy access to get bad information, decrease creativity, and causes hatred.

Despite the strengths and weaknesses of social media, norms and manners remain a very important factor. Because all members in the group have different characteristics and perceptions of the one messages delivered. Therefore, it is appropriate that formal internal communication for the organization (led directly by the highest leadership in the organization) can also be balanced with informal communication. The aim is to break the ice between the leaders and their employees in order to achieve the desired goals together.

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