Learning from the Avengers
PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, July 09, 2019
Learning from the Avengers
Rita Nurlita, Research Sector Coordinator of Iprahumas/Public Relations Officer of the City of Depok

By Rita Nurlita, Research Sector Coordinator of Iprahumas/Public Relations Officer of the City of Depok

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – However, all are able to combine it into one powerful force. Maybe because of the increasing challenges faced and the strength of the enemy that must be fought, so they can no longer fight using only one or two forces, but they must be able to optimize and collaborate all the forces they have to save the earth.

Observing this condition, I am reminded of my daily work as a government public relations (PR) officer. PR officer is a functional position that is given the responsibility, authority, and right to provide information and public relations services. The duties and functions of government PR officers are to conduct information and public relations services ranging from upstream to downstream which includes planning activities, information and public relations services, building internal and external relations, conducting public relations communication audits, and developing information and public relations services.

The government public relations world is now developing very rapidly along with the increasing challenges of the government’s public relations work itself, as a result of the existence of the internet and the development of information and communication technology (ICT). The abundance of information that is crowding the public space every second, both through the mass media and social media, makes the work of PR today can no longer be completed by old ways. A government PR must be able to adapt, keep creating, and find new ways to communicate various government programs and policies so that they reach the public.

Today, it is not enough for a PR to be able to cover, make releases, make clippings, and make publications in the conventional media. But, they are required to also have complex skills. Like the Avengers in the Endgame movie, a PR in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 must have the skill to analyze the situation like Doctor Strange’s character. Be nimble and never give up like Spider-Man. As tough as Thor. Have a good focus on setting targets like Hawkeye. As strong as Hulk, as well as gentle as Black Widow. Have high empathy like Mantis. Adaptive like Ant-Man. Have the ability to build networks and collaborate like Nick Fury. Have leadership skills like Captain America. Understand technology and have digital skills like Iron Man so that PR is able to be a content producer, as well as communicate them through various communications channels according to the target audience.

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