4.0 Era, the Role of PR is More Vital for Institutions
PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, July 03, 2019
4.0 Era, the Role of PR is More Vital for Institutions
In the current storytelling era, public relations must be good at concocting the right narratives, collaborated with visuals that fit the target message.
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By Ventura Elisawati, Managing Director of Inmark Digital


JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – In the book The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2017), Professor Klaus Schwab mentioned that we are now at the beginning of a revolution which fundamentally changes the way of life, work, and connect to one another. The change is very dramatic and occurs at an exponential speed.

The industrial revolution 4.0 is marked by the development of internet of/for things (IoT) which followed by new technologies in data science, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud, 3D print, and nanotechnology. The development is so fast. Smart robots, cellular supercomputers, self-driving cars, brain neurotechnology enhancement, and genetic editing appear everywhere. Those are the evidence of dramatic changes that occur at exponential speed.

Have you ever imagined if one day the reporter who contacts the interviewee is a journalist robot? On February 9, 2019, there was an interesting article in the New York Times titled “The Rise of Robot Reporter.” The era where many journalists are laid off and digital journalism products produced by machines continue to increase. Around a third of the content published by Bloomberg News uses some form of automated technology, Cyborg (robot). In Indonesia, in February 2018, a media site beritaga.id introduced Robotorial. Empowering artificial intelligence technology to produce content automatically. Welcome to the media 4.0 era.

The media and journalists are the main stakeholders of PR. Like it or not, the world of public relations must also be transformed so that it can be in line with the world around it. If the industry is 4.0, the media also 4.0, surely PR must also be in line. Then, what kind of transformation that PR must do?

PR must be competent. A PR must not be in a comfort zone, must update with the current technology, must follow the development of world trends. The point: keep learning, update knowledge and skills in information technology, and so on. PR must be able to map media, which has entered the media 4.0 era, which media still stay in the 3.0 era. That way we can understand the need of every media.


PR must be “everywhere”. PR stakeholders, especially journalists, are everywhere, both physically and non-physically. Journalists are not only present during interviews, press conferences, but they also monitor on various channels. I often “meet” journalists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, or Line. PR needs to be smart to position themselves everywhere, socializing physically or non-physically, such as monitoring issues using digital monitoring tools, then sorting out where PR should be involved in direct engagement.

PR must be creative so that the message that will be delivered can give a direct effect on the target. In the current storytelling era, PR must also be good at concocting appropriate narratives, collaborated with visuals that fit the target message. PR of the 4.0 era needs a digital content creator, videographer, infographic, ads specialist, digital monitoring, analysis, and etc.

Every era has its own challenges, as does Era 4.0, which seems complex and 360 degrees. By continuing to learn and improve oneself, PR in this era will be more vital for institutions and corporations. Because PR is the eyes, ears, filter, as well as the bridge with the stakeholders to build the reputation of the institution.

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