Yohanes, AirNav Indonesia: Communication Solves Problem
28 June 2019
Yohanes, AirNav Indonesia: Communication Solves Problem
Yohanes, Manager Humas AirNav Indonesia: Komunikasi Menyelesaikan Masalah
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Looking at his skill in processing messages, who would have thought that the man of Batak descent actually came from a background of Theology. Met at his office in Tangerang on Thursday (18/4/2019), Yohanes shared his journey to when he was appointed as AirNav Indonesia Public Relations Manager. He said, since his career in journalistic, he often asked to help with communication strategy from several parties. This was his first step into the world of PR.

He admitted gaining a variety of skills when he became a PR, such as adept at composing messages intended for journalists. “Because I was a journalist, I know what releases the media need,” he said. Additionally, the relations that he obtained when he was a journalist are still maintained even though now he has a different profession. The father of three children feels that the skill of maintaining relations that helps him in coordinating to solve a problem.

According to the man who loves reading and playing music, the issue of aviation is an issue that gains many people’s attention. When a crisis occurs, he must be able to embrace all related stakeholders to make a statement together. For him, bad news is not always good news. “It could be good news is good news. We must always give positive information to the public,” he said. It is so that the public is not trapped in an issue, but knows the solution to the issue.

Yohanes considers that Indonesia should be proud to have AirNav as a navigation company that provides service at hundreds of airports. “Our task now is to convince the public that AirNav Indonesia has sophisticated equipment and able to serve the aviation industry,” he added. Therefore, AirNav must be known more by the public even though it is not a business to business (B2B) company. (rvh)


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