Nia Sarinastiti, Accenture: Deepen Insight
21 June 2019
Nia Sarinastiti, Accenture: Deepen Insight
PR does not only do what is asked by the leader, but also able to give the best for the company.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Her myriad of experiences make the graduate of the International Relations Department of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) become a mainstay in terms of communication in the company that was previously named Anderson Consulting. This year is the sixth year of Nia’s career in the company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Interestingly, this is the second time Nia has Joined Accenture Indonesia. Long before that, precisely from 1997 to 2003, the woman who completed her master’s degree in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication of University of Colorado had worked at Accenture.

Nia was again invited by Accenture Indonesia on July 15, 2013, as Marketing and Communication Director. When she returned, she felt a drastic change. Almost 55 percent of employees are millennials. The internal employee approach can no longer use old school methods. “In the past, we didn’t have social media because we thought it was a B2B company. But apparently we need to look for candidates or new employees,” she told PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Thursday (18/4/2019).

Referring to global companies, Accenture Indonesia’s PR is considered to have developed quite rapidly following the dynamics of the time. As a consultant, Accenture must always one step ahead compared to other companies. Especially in initiating creative ideas and creating PR programs that are innovative and out of the box. “If we meet clients, then we must think like a leader,” she said.

Another challenge, most of the PR materials received from the parent company use English, so it’s Nia’s duty and her team to translate it into Indonesia which is simple and easy to understand by the stakeholders. Her role becomes even more vital when the board of directors views PR as a tandem from the management. “In every country council meeting, PR always presents. This shows that we are a part of the meeting of leaders,” said the graduate of Ph.D. in Communication Studies of the University of Indonesia.

The contributions expected from PR by the management are being proactive, providing relevant input and initiative. It means, PR does not only do what is asked by the leader but also able to give the best for the company. “This is an award, meaning that the leader recognizes that PR is important,” she said.

Helicopter View

To the younger generation of PR practitioners, she advised continuing to deepen insight. It’s not only about the company, but also about its competitors and industry extensively. Another important thing is reading a lot of industry analysis where the company engages and writes the latest issues that are worthy of publication. “Don’t only see about yourself, but you must see from the helicopter view,” she concluded.

The woman who is interested in the environment and development industry has a big dream to give a valuable contribution to the development of Indonesia. She actualized one of them through her role in the Accenture Development Partnership, which provides consultation for the government. (ais)

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