Febriati Nadira, Adaro: More Listening
14 June 2019
Febriati Nadira, Adaro: More Listening
Get out of the comfort zone.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Among public relations (PR) practitioners, Ira is known as a telecommunications specialist PR. She has been in the industry for 16 years. In fact, she started from the bottom, as a customer service.

In 2015, she ventured to a new chapter and challenge by being appointed as Head of Corporate Communication PT Adaro Energy Tbk, a company engaged in the energy sector that is a male-dominated field and is a future industry that is a pillar and driver of the Indonesian economy.

According to the woman who was born in Situbondo on February 18, 1974, the task of PR in any industry is basically the same, namely create a communication strategy that appropriate to the intended niche. The difference is that the role of PR is now seen as critical and strategic.

To be able to do the expected role, the admirer of Prita Kemal Gani concluded that PR must be able to be a reliable activist, change movement, and technology proponent. As a reliable activist, PR is required to be more proactive because businesses are increasingly becoming more competitive, be responsive to serving various needs for information in a timely news-worthy manner, equipping themselves with data and news-valued content, and can be contacted for almost 24/7.

Meanwhile, as a change movement, PR practitioners must know and understand the needs of all stakeholders, translate it into tactical strategy, as well as become a creative team that initiates ideas, and lead various activities that can encourage the company to improve. Last, in order to become a technology proponent, PR must be present on a variety of different platforms.

So, Ira’s main focus at PT Adaro Energy Tbk at that time was to build awareness and understanding to all stakeholders about the important role of mining and energy for the community and the country. “The effort was not easy because the negative stigma is already inherent in this industry,” said the graduate of Strategic Marketing Management, New York University Stern School of Business, United States of America. (rtn/rvh)


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