Boy Kelana S, Astra International – “Super Team”
14 June 2019
Boy Kelana S, Astra International – “Super Team”
To his PR team, Boy advised not to be complacent, keep trying to achive the best, able to work together solidly, and prioritize benefits for others.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Boy officially joined Astra International in December 2008. His career as a PR at this company was quite long, starting from Head of Internal Relation, Deputy Head of Public Relations, to being trusted as Head of Corporate Communications. Boy passed all the challenges while working in the public relations (PR) world with pride. This is because he has chosen the path of life as PR with joy.

At the beginning of his term of office, Boy put a big consensus to break up the Corporate Communications organizational structure and developed it into five departments, such as internal relations, media relations, government relations, brand communications, and central resources. This strategy was carried out to keep it up to date with today’s conditions. “In Astra, there is no such thing as superman. There is only a super team,” he said to PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Friday (26/4/2019).

It is not an easy feat to be the captain of communication for 229 Astra companies, more than 240 thousand employees and nine foundations. So far, inter-company coordination has been greatly helped by the presence of regional coordinators in 31 cities and 80 person in charge (PIC) Corporate Communications as extensions of Astra to its subsidiaries.

A year ago, the man who is concerned about encouraging his team to become credible, knowledgeable, and certified PRs, launched the Astra Communication Management System (ACMS) – a communication guide book for all components of the Astra group’s PRs. To his PR team, Boy advised not to be complacent, keep trying to achieve the best, able to work together solidly and prioritize benefits for others.

Soul Call

The man who was born in Hong Kong, October 21, 1972, fell in love with the communication world when he was active as a radio announcer during his time in college. Even though Boy was a Law Department student of Sebelas Maret University (UNS). “It turned out to be fun, as an announcer,” said the man who likes culinary. Since then, he often trusted as a master of ceremony (MC) for various events.

After graduating from college, Deputy Chairperson III BPP PERHUMAS decided to continue his career in law. He changed lane by working as well as learning in the company that engaged in the communication consultant field. Imperceptibly, it has been ten years for Boy to work in a job that requires him to always be creative, create concepts, to manage various brands for various segments. In 2006, the husband of Vita Principalia was offered to join Astra International. Boy did not immediately accept the offer. Two years later, Astra proposed the offer again.

In the company that operates in seven business lines, namely automotive, financial service, heavy equipment, mining, construction and energy, agribusiness, infrastructures and logistics, information technology, and property, the father of one child has a big dream of realizing Indonesia to become a brilliant nation through his role as a PR. “I know it’s a big thing, but we can realize it through what we do today. One of them is through Astra,” concluded the man who loves beaches. (ais)

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