Dwimawan Heru Santoso, AVP Corcomm of Jasa Marga: Serving Sincerely
21 May 2019
Dwimawan Heru Santoso, AVP Corcomm of Jasa Marga: Serving Sincerely
Dwimawan Heru Santoso, AVP Corporate Communication Jasa Marga
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO - Apart from a company that engaged in providing toll road services, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk or JSMR is a public service company that serves the public interests for 24 hours nonstop. "Jasa Marga is a B2C (business to consumer) company. We deliver our product directly to the end customers who immediately consume the product" said Dirmawan Heru Santoso, AVP Corporate Communication of Jasa Marga to PR INDONESIA in his office in Jakarta on Tuesday (23/4/2019).

The demand for working in a company that serves the public is very different. "We are required to be on guard 24 hours a day," he said. Moreover, many events can occur in the company at once. Heru then told his story when a tanker truck accident occurred. The tank was separated from the body of the truck so that it blocked the road. The tank that was containing chemical liquid spilled everywhere so evacuation must be done immediately. Not to mention facing routine issues such as the rainy season which is prone to flooding, traffic jam, and Eid holiday. "We never took time off during Eid. Instead, we must be on standby," said the man who graduated from Industrial Engineering.

In the midst of many challenges, he is grateful for being part of the Corporate Communication when JSMR was facing the period of acceleration or what he called the challenging years. Until 2016, JSMR's operational area has not reached 600 km. However, during the last two years, JSMR has built 400 kilometers of toll roads, and it will continue to grow. "Next year we are targeted to build another 230 km," said Heru. That means JSMR which used to build 20 km toll road per year, in the last two years they built 200 km toll road per year. "This is called tenfold acceleration. Well, how to run ten times faster? Here is the challenge," Heru said.

Four Keys

The answer is a massive transformation. Including, the transformation in the corporate communications department in order to keep pace with the speed of the company that is running ten times faster. In addition to requiring breakthroughs in terms of communicating, delivering messages and developing programs/communication strategies, they also need an agile and persistent team. Meanwhile, in carrying out their role, the corporate communication team is included in JSMR's Strategic Transformation Initiatives. In it, there are eight key initiatives, one of which is a communication strategy.

To his team, the man who wants to be a lecturer told the team to always uphold integrity. There are four keys to becoming a reliable PR practitioner, such as have the spirit of honesty, can be trusted, do not be tired of sharing/telling stories, and wise. "We must be able to tolerate the many differences and always try to unite those differences by looking at it from many points of view," said the man who adheres to the principle of perfecting endeavor, praying, trusting, and then living God's decree with joy.

In his spare time, he often takes the time to visit his extended family with his beloved wife. He also makes as much time as possible for traveling. "For me, traveling aims to widen my knowledge," he said as he ended the conversation by quoting Ibn Battuta's statement, "Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." (rvh)

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