Fiona Sari Utami, VP PR of Pelindo I: Change Perception
21 May 2019
Fiona Sari Utami, VP PR of Pelindo I: Change Perception
Fiona Sari Utami, Vice President PR PT Pelindo I (Persero)
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO - This is the priority of Fiona Sari Utami, Vice President PR of Pelindo I. She told PR INDONESIA about the communication development of the state-owned company in Jakarta on Monday (22/4/2019). The woman who once worked as a reporter in one of the private television stations admitted that she had experienced a shock when she started her career as PR. "I was working in the media, then I had to move to a newly developing SOE," she said. She had not been sure that she could survive, but she was determined to take part in the transformation.

Initially, Pelindo I was not well known in the regional area. She also considered that the relationships with the big media were still lacking. Content production was still minimal from each branch. This was what she thought needed to be addressed. "In the end, we approach the big media so that they knew that Pelindo I wanted to open up," said the mother of one child. The PR team was also directed to create new programs and content that could be broadcasted via social media.

Her love for PR was slowly growing. Especially after she realized her involvement here could contribute to the development of the nation's economy. "I survive for eight years at Pelindo I because I love this field of business, maritime world, and my profession as PR," said the graduate of the Faculty of Communication, Padjajaran University. According to her, the maritime industry is a sexy thing to report on. Especially since President Joko Widodo prioritized infrastructure such as the sea toll. Along with that, Pelindo I's name was also raised.

Fiona believed that the most important thing in the PR program is education for the public. "Unlike consumer goods companies that directly serve consumers, the public must know that ports are the gate to the economy," said Fiona. Her determination is to change the public's perception, that dirty and disorganized ports have turned into places worth visiting and are part of the national logistics chain.

The limited number of team members does not prevent her from contributing to change. One of them is by innovating in doing internal and external approaches. "We formed Pelindo I social media team. We give space for employees to tell stories through #Pelindo1Bercerita," she said. According to her, employee contributions can give positive impacts on the internal and external circles. From an internal perspective, employees are part of the company. While from the external perspective, the public is becoming more familiar with Pelindo I. (rvh)

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