Faisal Alfarokhi, 2018-2019 PR INDONESIA ICON: Spreading Inspiration
27 March 2019
Faisal Alfarokhi, 2018-2019 PR INDONESIA ICON: Spreading Inspiration
Faisal, 2018-2019 PR INDONESIA ICON: Basically, besides having a communication function, PR is an inspirator.

SEMARANG, PRINDONESIA.CO - It is common a knowledge, the profession of public relations (PR) is still often underestimated. In fact, in some agencies/corporations there are still those who consider public relations as a waste work unit. After all, all of these facts did not falter Faisal's enthusiasm to become a professional PR. For him, public relations is the best profession to actualizehis dreams. Therefore, the man who was met by PR INDONESIA ahead of the peak of the PR INDONESIA Jamboree (JAMPIRO) #4 in Semarang on Friday (09/11/2018), was willing to take all the obstacles, including competing with 1.800 applicants to obtain the position as PG public relations.

Working according to passion makes Faisal rich with ideas and creations. Together with his colleagues in the public relations department, they made various breakthroughs in digitalization. The step was taken to support PG which was carrying out a massive transformation. One of them is penetration in terms of the dissemination of information that was previously delivered more through print media to digital platforms. At the end of last year, they officially launched GEMA internal magazine in the form of application version 4.0. This breakthrough is also his team's efforts to build and maintain relations with the stakeholders that are also important, namely the company’s internal, which number reaches 3.000 organic employees and 1.500 inorganic employees.

Meanwhile, the content presented for the needs of the website and social media is made seriously. "The information provided is merely disseminated, but is adapted to the character of each social media," said the graduate of Master of Management in Marketing Communication at Diponegoro University. Initially, this step had received scorn. The reason was they did not know if so far farmers were also active in using social media, especially Facebook. "All of the breakthroughs we have made are based on the results of the research," said the Faisal who was born in Kudus, Central Java, 30 years ago.

Additionally, the increasing dynamic development of communication technology has influenced PG's public relations efforts to build relations. Now, in addition to maintaining good relations with the media partners, they also began to embrace influencers. This seriousness makes public relations gained more opportunities and brings them to a strategic position in the company.


Interestingly, the excitement of social media apparently did not encourage Faisal to participate actively in showing his activities on his personal account. The man who likes traveling is actually more often using social media for social matters. For example is digital alms solicitation. The reason, he wants to be a useful person.

Because of this background, the man who likes running ventured to participate in the ICON PR INDONESIA competition. Faisal was hoping that through this event, the opportunity to share experiences, especially to young PR candidates and practitioners is wide open. "Basically, besides having a communication function, PR is an inspirator. Through sharing, the PR ecosystem will be more productive and professional,"he said. He planned to share his experience and knowledge in the form of a book. Faisal does indeed have a hobby of writing. His work has been published in various media. (nun)

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