Noke Kiroyan, Kiroyan Partners: Communication Builds Understanding
27 March 2019
Noke Kiroyan, Kiroyan Partners: Communication Builds Understanding
Public relations (PR) is more about processes and techniques. While public affairs context is bigger because they must understand political, economic, social and cultural conditions.
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JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO - Who doesn’t know Noke? His experience as CEO in various industries ranging from mining, oleo chemicals, to energy and innovative technology, made t3wehe man who was born 71 years ago in Surabaya on September 13 highly believes the importance of the role of communication and principles in embracing stakeholders. In 2007, he decided to get off the throne to build his own “kingdom”. He named the kingdom Kiroyan Partners Public Affairs. Here’s the story.

Why did the choice fall to consulting service company?

Companies basically cover three fields: industry, trading, and service. Industry needs a big capital. I was not a poor person, but I was also not a rich person. About trading, I had the capital, but I had no talent there. So, the choice fell on service, specifically a company that offered public affairs consulting service.

During my time as an executive at a mining company, I have used most all public affairs consulting companies in Jakarta, which were generally foreign companies. I also have a background in communication science. So, I know the theory. In practice, I have strong social science, I have gone through many experiences and problems in the field. In early January 2007, I established PT Komunikasi Kinerja, Kiroyan Partners Public Affairs.

The people in the consulting company which service I used before came to me one by one once they found out that I established a consulting service company. They said, “Why didn’t you tell us if you want to establish a consultant company? You can join us.”

Then, what was your answer?

“Actually I don’t want to tell you because I want to compete with you. And I believe I will win!” Ha-ha-ha!

Why did you choose to specialize in public affairs?

Public affairs is not merely about the dynamics of relations with the government. The public affairs that we understand today is communication or establishing relations with stakeholders by taking into account the political, economic, social, and cultural context. Simply put, building communication or stakeholder engagement in the context of a particular culture. So, if public relations (PR) is more a process and a technique, the context of public affairs is bigger because it must cover all the conditions above.

Let’s say there is a mining company that wants to operate, we as a public affairs consultant will conduct a comprehensive and in-depth research/analysis from the political, social, cultural, and economical condition there. Therefore, our team here consists of various scientific backgrounds ranging from politics, sociology, international relations, and many more.

After knowing the needs of the community, what makes the community need it, what they want when the company operates there, what impacts on the company when operating there. Once we found out the answer to these questions, we can make a stakeholder engagement strategy and communication strategy. So, it’s not merely a communication process and its technique, but also the context.

Is there the most challenging experience as a consultant?

There are many. Moreover, our clients come from various industrial backgrounds. One of the most challenging was when a company that was our client was accused of polluting the environment. If this is the case, we will send a team to the location to confirm the truth. If the company is really polluting the environment, we will not defend them. Except if they are honest and commit to deal with the pollution. But, if it turns out that there is no pollution, let’s arrange the strategy, including the approach strategy to the community.

So, in principle, we don’t want to defend the wrong. Or, spinning – in reality they are polluting, but they say the opposite. As an ethical company, we have a principle to solve every problem in an ethical manner.

We must always work on the basis of facts, preceded by a judgment behind the table. If necessary, we follow up with research in the field. Mitigation measures like this must be done especially for companies engaged in the mining industry, because this industry is vulnerable to issues, especially about pollution and friction with the affected community.

When a company is in a crisis, what is the first thing to do?

Number one, don’t panic. When we panic, we do look active, but there is no result. Therefore, look and face the problem with a cold head. Study it well, then we find the problem.

In your opinion, what is the difference between PR and PR consultant then and now?

Obviously, it’s much more complicated, especially with the presence of social media. But, the development of technology and communication, in my opinion, is only a technical problem. Its existence can be a threat, but also an opportunity. Therefore, we must master, explore and improve the ability to overcome problems from and with the development.

What competencies should PR have in the current era?

Analytical ability is very important, besides the ability to strategize with clear implementation, because when miscalculating, the solution will not be right.

What do you want to inherit for Kiroyan Partners?

I want this company to continue carrying out its activities ethically and that it can go public in the future .


You keep guarding that dream. In fact, I have an information that even though you are no longer the CEO of Kiroyan Partners, you still come to the office very early?

Ha ha ha! It is true! It has become a habit, not only in Kiroyan Partners, I have always been the first person to come to the office. Because when I arrived earlier, I could study first, read the newspaper, follow developments through information I got from the internet, and so on.

What is your hobby?

My hobby is reading books. I like everything from history books, communication, CSR, to politics.

How about sports?

I always make the time to walk every morning.

What is your life principle?

Do not give up easily. In life, we must also have principles and do not become an opportunistic person.

Are any of your three children following in your footsteps here?

In the past, my youngest child worked at this company. She is a graduate of communication. After marriage, she settled with her husband and worked as a PR in Singapore.

From the beginning, I did not plan this company to become a family company. I even forbade my family to interfere with running this company. This company is a professionally built company. Anyone can continue and lead this company as long as he/she is competent and upholds the mission, vision and ethics of the company.

What is your message for PR practitioners?

Continue to deepen your knowledge, do not be satisfied with the knowledge that has been owned because science will never stop developing and we must follow it. When we stop learning, we are finished. rtn

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